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Denver is the Urban Base Camp for the Rockies

The key to having the most fun close to Denver? Head for the canyons.

The snow-capped high peaks of the Continental Divide are within view from nearly every vantage point in Denver. Although the chance to bag fourteeners, ski powder, and ride high-elevation singletrack is less than a two-hour drive from town, you don’t even need to go that far to get your Rocky Mountain fun-hogging fix. “The Front Range and the greater Denver area are home to an incredible variety of outdoor sports,” says professional slackliner and all-around adventurer Mickey Wilson.

The key to taking advantage of it all, says Wilson, is to embrace the canyons that pour down from the foothills. In addition to being home to rowdy whitewater kayaking, the canyons also boast mountain biking networks, rock climbing crags, and great trail running. “They’re the recreation lifelines to Denver and the surrounding cities,” says Wilson. “I spend most of my time in Clear Creek, Boulder, and the Saint Vrain Canyons.” Since it’s Colorado, you’ll likely see adventurers of every stripe on your next outing: Wilson recently BASE-jumped from a slackline that spanned one of those very canyons while below him people fished, hiked, and paddled

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Lead Photo: joe morahan