Our hiking columnist went to the AT’s legendary Trail Days this year with one mission—to figure out what hikers were and weren’t putting on their feet

386 products to maximize fun in the sun

Whether you’re bedding down in a state forest campground or deep in the wilderness, these nine sleeping bags will keep you warm and cozy

We asked 13 testers to take the plunge on this year's newest fleet of watercraft. These boats floated to the top.

These adventure-ready rigs will help you stay out longer

Our favorite hard hats of the year are so light and comfortable, there’s no excuse to climb without one

Six testers tried out 8 trekking poles. These ones came out on top.

23 testers snoozed on nineteen pads. These are the very best of the year.

We asked 10 testers to try 16 climbing shoes. These came out on top.

Three testers tried eight swimsuits. These came out on top.

Put your head down and go with these lids

Nine testers waded through more than eighty pieces of gear to winnow down the six best products for summer exercise

Four testers logged over 1,000 miles in 10 pairs of sunglasses. These stood out from the pack.

Eight testers tried fifteen bags. These ones came out on top.

We tested dozens of pieces of apparel on all types of runs—short and long, slow and fast, road and trail, from New Mexico to New Hampshire. These emerged as our favorites.

Five yogis tested the latest yoga apparel and equipment during dozens of hours of diverse practice to find the pieces that will optimize your yoga experience

Modern mountain bikes are insanely capable

6 testers tried 15 bikes. These ones came out on top.

We’re living in the golden age of digital image making

We surfed, ran, and swam our hearts out—and these three winners rose to the top

We dunked 19 filters across the country, from silty streams in California’s Agua Caliente Creek to clear lakes in Washington’s Olympic Mountains, to find the year’s best.

We tapped a gaggle of testers—from a search and rescue pro to an aspiring tennis star—to sort the top sport watches for any activity

Twelve testers ran, trekked, and squatted in 45 products to find this summer’s best new hiking pants and shorts.

We tested 88 running shorts and tops over hundreds of miles of roads and trails in summer heat and humidity. These 11 kept us feeling the most comfortable, speedy, and stylish.

12 testers road-tripped over 8,200 miles with 45 car camping accessories in their trunks. These ten survived the long haul.

Climb on with confidence with these tester approved harnesses

SUPs has become a crowded field, so we narrowed the field down to this year’s four stand-out winners

Looking to make quick work out of your daily commute? Look no further than these four e-bikes built for the streets.

Twelve testers put 33 boots to rock, dirt, and sand. These nine vaulted to the top.

Nine kids trashed 38 pieces of gear. These 5 survived the season.

Get down the trail safer and in style

We hiked, ran, skied, and climbed through the night to find the best illumination of the year

Our team of testers vetted 37 cooking gadgets. These five are worthy of your precious trunk space.

Accessories for the beaten path and beyond

We wore a dozen different bras for hours of high- and low-impact activities. These were our favorites.

We reviewed 386 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

5 testers tried 14 bikes. These ones came out on top.

16 testers tried 40 hikers. These ones came out on top.

We tested nearly 20 hydration packs on everything from roads to rugged trails. These five outperformed the rest.

Seven test dogs tried 42 pieces of gear. These ones came out on top.

We put thousands of miles on 85 different shoes over six months to find the best new models for every type of terrain

We tested 26 products for two months in conditions as hot as 95 degrees. Here’s what rose to the top as our favorites.

9 testers tried 18 bikes. These ones came out on top.

14 testers donned 22 Shirts. These 6 proved exceptional.

Eight testers tried seven new car camping tents. These three came out on top.

15 testers tried 17 blades. These ones are a cut above.

Grippy, durable climbing footwear that will get you to the wall (and back) in comfort and style

36 testers tried 40 jackets. These are the crème de la crème.

Twelve testers donned 36 tops to find this summer’s best new shirts, midlayers, and baselayers.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable shoe to keep out pebbly intruders or an easy slide for your beach getaway, we’ve got you covered

We put over 10,000 miles on 85 different running shoes over six months to find the best new models for every stride and pace

13 tents went out into the wild. Only 7 made it back out.

No climb is too steep and no trail too techy for this newest generation of e-MTBs

36 gear testers tried 41 shell jackets. These ones came out on top.

Get up to get down with our seven favorite bikes in the category

Six testers tried 22 climbing accessories. These ones came out on top.

The days of broken tines and stomach aches are over

Our team of testers vetted 20 new rucksacks. These ones came out on top.

If you've been held back from doing something that excites or intrigues you, read on

Six testers rode nearly two dozen surfboards. These were the ones that came out on top.

15 testers tried 12 of the season’s top packs. These rose above the rest.

From road to mountain, these are our favorite cycling kicks of the year

We tested 32 new products to find the best audio quality for every listener and budget

We shopped the sale so you don’t have to

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