(Illustration by Jason Holley)

The Wildest File

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100-percent-real Wild File queries that left us asking: What?
» Is a frog’s ass watertight?

» If you’re outdoors and you shave, does your beard grow back more quickly?

» Who owns the space between the welcome signs on state borders?

» How is belly lint formed, how does it make its way to the belly, and what is the timetable for its formation?

» When will doctors be able to implant gills on humans?

» True or false: When you have sex in a tent, the scent attracts bears. Break it down: Is it the male scent, the female scent, or both?

» All woodchucks look alike…How do they tell each other apart?

» Is “goo butt”—you know, that itching, burning soreness that occurs in people’s butts during sweaty activity—as common as tired feet?

» Every time I pass a herd of cows, they’re pointing in the same direction. Why is this?

» Is it true that a pig’s orgasm lasts all day?

» When my friends and I fish for bluefish off Block Island, we often think we smell fish. Is this possible?

From Outside Magazine, Oct 2002 Lead Photo: Illustration by Jason Holley

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