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5 Alternative Places That Deserve a Summit Beer

Because every adventure should be celebrated


Who decided the top of a hard-to-get-to peak was the only place worthy of a celebratory beer? Not to hate on summit beers. Cracking a cold (or not-so-cold because it’s been in your backpack for miles) one at the top of a mountain is great. But why reserve your celebrations for the few times a year you may or may not get to the summit?  There are plenty of other outdoor feats that are worthy of celebration. Here are some of our favorite alternatives to summit beers. 

Pro tip: Oh, and if you’re worried about celebratory beers when the 5 o’clock somewhere rule doesn’t quite apply, try Athletic Brewing Company’s non-alcoholic beers—fit for cheersing any time of day and the perfect companion to any outdoor activity.

Post-Swimming in an Alpine Lake

Hiking all the way to a pristine alpine lake is a pretty awesome way to spend a day off. Views of crystalline, shimmering pools are a reward in itself. But diving in takes the experience to the next level. After you work up the courage to take that refreshing (and perhaps jarring) plunge, crack a refreshing Run Wild IPA while you dry off in the sun.

Back at the Trailhead After a Run or a Ride

Picture this: you just had a ridiculously beautiful day out on the trail and soaked in some natural beauty so stunning that you’ll definitely be sharing it on social media later. And maybe you also spent half your ride exclusively fantasizing about getting back to your car at the trailhead, kicking off your shoes, and sitting down for a nice cool beverage. (Relatable.) Thankfully a great ride and a great unwind after aren’t mutually exclusive. Back at the trailhead, drop that tailgate and open up an Athletic Brewing Company craft non-alcoholic beer for the ultimate cheers to you.

At a Beautiful Overlook 

Whether running ten miles through a canyon or taking it slow on an easy trail with your kiddos, just being outside comes with tons of benefits for your body and mind. Take an extra moment or two to soak it all in. In fact, the time it takes to sip on a cold non-alcoholic beer is roughly the minimum amount of time you should spend enjoying the view. (Not backed by science, but sounds about right to us.)

To Celebrate Bailing 

Sometimes summiting isn’t in the cards, and that’s okay. All sorts of variables can end a summit attempt, be it weather, conditions, or group morale. Whatever makes you call it before you reach the top, you can take solace in the fact that the summit will always be there. And you know what? Bailing is actually a moment to celebrate. Why? Because making good and safe decisions when you’re recreating outside means that you’ll be able to go back to tag the summit another day. Cheers to being smart and responsible in the outdoors! 

To Spice Up a Rest Day

Just because you’re not out pushing hard or linking up a bunch of peaks in the alpine doesn’t mean you can’t have a day worth celebrating. Big days in the outdoors are fueled by rest and recovery. And rest days are made better by Athletic Brewing’s non-alcoholic beer. So let the lawn go un-mowed, put on your comfiest clothes, kick your feet up, and enjoy an Athletic Lite (or any of the styles Athletic Brewing Company has to offer) and have a nice day doing as little as possible while you dream up your next adventure.

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