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Some cyclists are drawn to advocacy while others remain uninterested. Eben Weiss explores biking’s political divide.

Filmmakers have bigger budgets, smaller cameras, and new editing technology at their fingertips. They’ve also gotten better at telling nuanced stories.

Backpacker executive editor Adam Roy has fully embraced the eccentric footwear after previously swearing them off. Here’s why.

Columnist Eben Weiss argues that any shoe is potentially a great bike shoe

Going minimalist can heighten anxieties about staying safe in the backcountry. Here’s how to let some of them go

The popularity of gravel cycling has prompted tire manufacturers to go wider and softer. Has the trend gone too far?

Zoe Gates went winter backpacking with guide Eric Larsen, and learned valuable lessons on cold-weather gear, nutrition, navigation, and survival

A new bike advocacy group is asking cyclists to deflate the tires on SUVs. Eben Weiss believes there’s a better way to push for safe streets.

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