Winter 2017 Buyer’s Guide



Boots don’t have to be torture devices. Here’s what to look for when buying your next pair—plus seven of our favorites.

Bikes of portly proportion are only getting funner to ride

Alpine optics have made huge leaps. Enjoy the view.

The best new boards for all kinds of riders

Superior protection for all kinds of conditions

The race is on to create the perfect beyond-the-ropes setup.

The season’s best trainers keep you moving through nasty weather

For all your fast-and-light pursuits.  (Black Diamond) Black Diamond Helio Best For: Going fast and light.  The Test: Even if it remains stashed in your pack all day, a lightweight shell to shed squalls and seal in critical warmth should be part of every backcountry adventurer’s kit. And the Helio…

Our testers whittled a field of 132 down to ten. Now shut up and ski.

From trailhead to summit, boots to keep your feet warm and dry.  (Under Armour) Under Armour Clackamas 200 Best For: Deep Snow If you tramp through half a foot of fresh every morning to get to your car, take note. The 10.5-inch-tall Clackamas rises above the snow, while its water-resistant rubber-and-canvas…

Run cold? You'll want one of these insulated beasts.  (Adidas) Adidas Terrex Climaheat Techrock Best For: Instant warmth.  The Test: Heading into the backcountry? Pack a big puffy to snuggle into during rest breaks, while on belay, or as emergency insul­ation. With 800-fill goose down wrapped in Pertex fabric, the 1.1-pound Techrock…

Groundbreaking designs and updated classics for every wrist. (Tissot) Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Here’s something new under the sun: the first solar-powered touchscreen watch. The Expert Solar’s spare, Euro-cool design and titanium case conceal a wealth of useful digital gadgetry behind its analog face, like an altimeter, a weather monitor, and…

Packs to keep you adventuring, and safe, in the snow

Our three favorite trail runners

The three best runners for winter weather

No snow in the forecast? That's no excuse to be lazy.

The newest crop of wearables are cleverer than ever. (Spire) Spire The Spire won’t measure heart rate or really anything beyond the number of steps you’ve taken. But it will analyze your breathing, providing a constant record of your stress levels. When the pebble-size sensor notices you’ve gone awhile without taking a…

Riding in winter doesn't have to be painful. (Rapha) Rapha Pro Team Thermal Aerosuit Think of this one-piece as a nordic skin suit for cyclists. It’s incredibly warm, courtesy of the windproof, water-resistant, waffle-weave fleece on the front. But you won’t overheat: the fabric’s lighter in back to let cool air in.  Price $440…

Smart brands are innovating with nature’s performance fiber.

Easy-to-use tools for turning out pretty pictures.

Over the river and through the woods.  (Fimbulvetr) Fimbulvetr Hikr Best For: Deep Snow Breaking trail in winter is just about the most difficult workout you can do. But that Herculean endeavor is made a bit easier with a platform like the Norwegian Hikr strapped to your foot. The lightweight plastic…

Winter-training heroes require apparel with oomph.

The ski world is going all in on high-tech safety gear, packing more features into smaller packages.

Underwear just keeps getting better. (Icebreaker) Icebreaker Helix Long-Sleeve Zip Jacket  If you need a do-it-all midlayer this winter, go with the Helix. Despite the svelte profile, it’s warmer than any other top on this page, thanks to its wool insulation and wind-blocking poly exterior. That face fabric also shrugs off…

Don't let the snow stop you. (CurrexSole) CurrexSole RunPro Insoles If you’re training year-round, you’ve got to take extra care of your feet. RunPro insoles are built from an EVA composite that’s cushy yet responsive, and they come in high, medium, or low arch.  Price $50 Buy Now (Flylow)…

Best-in-class picks to match your style. (Amplid) Amplid LoveLife Best For: Aggressive Riders Amplid got the memo that not all women crave soft flex and graphics that look like Disney-princess wallpaper. Despite the unfortunate name, expert testers endorsed the LoveLife for its tip-to-tail stiffness, created by a low-density poplar core and a…

Performance snacks get a natural makeover. (AlpineAire) AlpineAire Guacamole Thanks to the geniuses at Alpine-Aire, guac is no longer a luxury reserved for glamping with a well-stocked cooler—it’s a trail-ready hors d’oeuvre you’ve earned after hiking miles in the backcountry. Just add water to the 1.4-ounce package, filled with freeze-dried avocado, onion, and serrano…

Fear not these fashion-forward frames. The best sporty-shades makers are showing new style.

Your paws deserve the best. (Outdoor Research) Outdoor Research Capstone Heated Why spend five bills on electric gloves? To play longer when the mercury drops. A heating surface covers 70 percent of the Capstone (twice the area of most other models), and the lithium-ion batteries deliver up to eight hours…

World Cup skinny-ski gear for your local skate track

A good party makes the whole day better

You don’t need no stinkin’ chairlifts

Après layers that pull double duty on the trails and slopes

When you’re off the mountain, comfort wins

Reliable protection to keep you out from bell to bell.

Somewhere between a shirt and a jacket is amazing versatility.

Snowy nights require serious weaponry.

The three winners from our ski test

Casual kicks to face down winter’s wrath

If your dogs are cold, you're doing it wrong.