Summer 2018 Buyer’s Guide



When weather rolls in, grab one of these

Ditching weight means going farther faster

Ditching weight means going farther faster

Inspired by packs, a new breed of coolers are on the rise

The latest hikers are as cozy as they are bombproof

Heading out on an overlanding trip? Bring one of these.

Headlamps and torches to light the way

Sack out in something snug, breathable, and packable

Haulers big and small that go above and beyond

The ceiling can hold us, so we're throwing tents up there.

The year’s top shelters are quick to assemble and roomier than ever

Creature comforts for the car-camping set

Keep your pup safe, hydrated, and entertained on the trail

For every task, there’s the right tool

We’re all for traveling light—just make room for these

Packs, duffels, and rollers that shake off abuse

Tools to capture your most cinematic adventures

Look good and see better with these seven specs

Footwear for roaming in style

The hangable berth is evolving

Cool and casual warm-weather gear

Timepieces to keep you on track

VIP style and comfort, even in the cheap seats

VIP style and comfort, even in the cheap seats

Survive planes, trains, and automobiles with these essentials

Versatility is the name of the game

Pedal-powered boats are coming to the masses

Walk softly and carry the right stick.

Swimwear that exudes style and capability

It’s south-swell season. Make sure you have the right board.

Because sometimes you don’t want to catch some rays

Vintage aloha style gets technical

Slip-ons and lace-ups for your soggiest adventures

Tried and true gear for river, lake, and ocean play

A drop in price, but you still drop the pack

Performance tops with tons of character

Trail steeds get lighter but punch above their weight

Nothing makes a ride like a sweet pair of shorts

Light up the trails with these all-terrain performers

All hail the 100 percent classic cotton tee

Seven top performers for pounding the pavement

Training essentials for road and trail

Training essentials for road and trail

High mileage without the sticker shock

Finally, wires are a thing of the past

Devices that do the thinking, analyzing, and recovery for you

Active feet need love, too

Your first line of defense against sweat, abrasion, and funk

Details matter when it comes to keeping workouts fresh

Wherever the waves take you, you’re covered