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Read “Visibility Unlimited” from the September issue of Outside, now on stands, about the life and photography of climber, explorer, and mapmaker Brad Washburn, then view the work of a legend in this exclusive online photo gallery courtesy of the Panopticon gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. For more info on how…

WHEN I WAS RACING BIKES in the 1980s, we still had no idea what we were doing when it came to sports drinks for endurance. We knew we needed more than simple water to replace the calories and minerals we were burning up and sweating out during training. But beyond…

Nevada may be big and windswept, but don't dare call it empty. An adventure road trip through the Silver State turns up a secret-stash playland of backcountry splendor, high-end diversions, and a horizon that never stops beckoning.

CHRIST HAS RETURNED. No, not the carpenter—the skater. Christian Hosoi (“Christ” to fans) is resurrecting his career at 37. After a drug-fueled meltdown that ended with four and a half years in prison, the legendary aerobat is taking his first high-profile steps toward reentering the competitive fray—touring with skate exhibitions,…

Japanland A Year in Search of Wa By Karin Muller (Rodale, $24) Finding George Orwell in Burma By Emma Larkin (The Penguin Press, $23) EVER SINCE MARCO POLO admired Kublai Khan’s horses in the 13th century, Westerners have sought to understand the romance, mysticism, and…

NEED NEW INCENTIVES TO STAY IN SHAPE? How about gunfights, acrobatics, and international espionage? Spy School, a new fitness program from the Los Angeles–based gym Absolution (www.absolution-la.com), offers a custom menu of health and “adrenaline management” courses designed to turn you into the next Mr. or Mrs.

BROKEN BONES, TWEAKED KNEES, torn tendons: In days of yore—say, last year—these injuries would’ve promptly ended your season of biking, running, or hoops. Not anymore. Doctors are now shifting toward minimally invasive surgical techniques and natural healing stimulants that not only get you back in the game in top form…

How to deal with layover purgatory? Make airports more fun. We've created the ultimate—a fantasy composite of our favorite terminal amenities from around the world. Airport developers, you are cleared for takeoff.

It seemed like a good idea: Two war correspondents escape reality into far Mongolia, stalking an otherworldly fish called a taimen. But in the process of cleansing their souls with icy water and Johnnie Walker Black, they realize it's possible to stray too far from home.

An inspiring way to win the only game that matters

Who's got the time and energy to make a living, chase their dreams, and leave the world a better place? You do. Sure, it ain't easy. But we've found the tools, ideas, and inspiring examples to help you evolve into the fully balanced life-explorer you were meant to be.

America's multiplatinum surf troubadour rides his dreams like a North Shore break. His secret? If you love what you do, life and work can both be a rip.

Widen the horizons of adventure by taking the controls and becoming a pilot

The growing mob at surfing's premier big wave has tow-in veterans fearing for their lives

How three grads turned an epic road trip into the ultimate job

Workers, unite! Get dressed, gear up, and turn that commuter grind into a grand detour—you'll kick-start the day

A short list of no-BS career resources

It's time for a radical reform of high-altitude mountaineering´┐Żand a fresh debate over what it means to climb right

Pioneering climber, explorer, and mapmaker Bradford Washburn has shot some of the most epic mountain photography of all time´┐Żmuch of which has never seen the light of day. Kurt Markus delves into a cache of unforgettable images and reports on the long, full life of an alpine icon.


It’s time to power up and push your vocation to its full potential. We’ve assembled the ideas, strategies, insider secrets, and inspiring tales of transformation that will help you seamlessly blend biz and pleasure, nab real success, and ride out your wildest ambitions.
PLUS: How rock supernova Jack Johnson keeps his balance on the ride of his life; the work guru who says leave your job (but just for a month); and tools to propel you along your own rut-busting path, including books, Web sites, trips, tips, and more.

Bradford Washburn’s mountain photography is a marvel of technical imaging and epic detail. Now, at 95, will he concede that he’s also one of the past century’s greatest living artists?
By Kurt Markus

Think Nevada is all about the Strip, strippers, and stupendous hangovers? Think again. We light out to explore the state’s secret-stash escapes and infinite outback.
By Brad Wetzler

In which a veteran war photographer and writer grab fly rods and a fifth of Scotch and drop into Mongolia in search of a monster fish called the taimen. It’s the perfect wilderness idyll—except when real life gets in the way.
By Patrick Symmes



» THE LORD COMES TO DOGTOWN: Before finding Jesus in jail, Christian Hosoi was something of a god himself—on the vert ramp. Now his act is clean, but can he still roll with the best?

» BODY BY BOND: An L.A. gym has decided that a tuxedo and some training in covert ops, martial arts, and gunslinging is just the thing to get you in shape.

» CHRIS CARMICHAEL hits the bottle and shows you how to get the most from the best sports drinks.

» IN OVER THEIR HEADS: Tow-in surfing’s popularity has attracted a mob. LAIRD HAMILTON weighs in on the growing mayhem at the world’s biggest break.

» Layovers shouldn’t be a terminal bore. We dream-build the IDEAL AIRPORT with real-world amenities like 24/7 movies, a spa, a bike trail, and an indoor rainforest.

» Finding Orwell’s inspiration in modern-day MYANMAR ; turning Japanese; and the final opus of naturalist ELLEN MELOY . PLUS: A new bio goes ape over KING KONG ‘s creator.

» THE WILD FILE investigates yawning whales, tick fasting, and launching nuclear waste into space.

Sooner or later all athletes sustain a season-ending injury, but rehab is where the real suffering comes in. That’s all about to change: We suss six new surgeries to get you back in the game fast—and good as new.

All-access adventure is only a hop away when you’re at the yoke of your own plane. We present the buzz and beta of learning to fly. PLUS: A pilot needs a plan. Spy the coolest wings, then learn how to get off the ground without going broke.

Friend, is your journey to and from work a daily drag? It’s time to soup up your commute with the spiff duds and cool modes of transport we prescribe to heal that tired old transit.

As oxygen canisters, abandoned gear, and fixed lines spread across the world’s highest peaks, it’s time for a radical reform of climbing ethics.
By Mark Jenkins