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He's Rich, He's Popular, He's Good-Looking, He's Talented, He's Won a Gold Medal, He's Pretty Much Got Life Nailed. Shall we continue with the reasons Jonny Moseley is the happiest guy on earth at this moment — this ephemeral, intoxicating, telling moment?

A bit of praise for life's wonders. Like forgiveness, redemption, and canine flatulence.

Then pay attention, because there's more to posture than walking around with a book on your head

The Happiest Guy Alive
It must be awfully sweet to be Jonny Moseley. To be 23 and already have won Olympic gold, to have your own family yacht club, to have countless young women longing for your attention. One question, though: When life has given you everything in one single glorious moment, what happens when the moment passes?
By Karl Taro Greenfeld

Where the World Might Find You
People came to the enchanted wilderness outpost of Atlin from everywhere, because they wanted to be nowhere. And there in the North Woods, they found something extraordinary. Now — wouldn't you know it? — that old devil Progress is coming to town.
By Mark Levine

Does the Mushroom Love its Plucker?
They outlived the dinosaurs. They inspire heavy breathing, trembling hands, flushed cheeks. They changed Larry Evans's life for good. And boy do they go great with a glass of crisp chardonnay!
By Ian Frazier

The Essential Nature of Islands
The tropical charms of Palawan seem seductively rare: empty beaches, hidden coves, shadowy rivers — a kayaker's dream voyage. But this Philippine island has become something even more unlikely: a wild place that's getting wilder.
By Paul Theroux

Hell Nyet! A Russian Space Mirror Obliterates the Night
Warning: The Russkis have a giant space mirror, and they're not afraid to use it.
By Tad Friend

Birds of Prey
Last spring, a group of American birders in Colombia bagged more species than they bargained for — not only doves and vultures and hummingbirds, but also a whole flock of communist guerrilla insurgents. What happened next could change the definition of "high-risk sport" forever.
By Wade Graham

F A L L   F A S H I O N :
Hey Neighbor
Just over our northern border lies a blissful little spot that's perfect for launching an all-out invasion of Canada. Barring that, it's not a bad place to think about what to wear.
Fashion by Vicky McGarry, Photographs by Cathrine Wessel, Text by Susan Casey

  D E P A R T M E N T S
Dispatches: News from the Field
As his shady, long-forgotten past comes to light, a mountain-bike pioneer goes on the lam atop — what else? — a mountain bike.

  Face time with "Hollywood" Hans Florine, America's fastest (and most shameless) speed climber.
Previewing the Tinseltown feeding frenzy — Pitt rescues the imperiled wolf! Van Damme annihilates Montana! — over Nicholas Evans's The Loop.
The brownest of Republican legislators try to put on a happy green face.
P L U S : A Colorado geologist has seen the future, and it's an Earth devoid of glaciers; the X Games bring snow to San Diego, and it's an unqualified hit; Christopher Columbus stands trial in Honduras, and he's, well, not a happy admiral; and more.

Field Notes: America's Most Wicked Boat Race
For those who dare to compete in the nation's wildest and weirdest sailing race, it's tough to tell which is the bigger obstacle: the hard-to-navigate swells of the Atlantic or the hard-partying towns that line its coast.
By Brad Wetzler

Out There: Shed His Grace On Me
Grace is the love and mercy that God visits upon sinners. She is vexing. She is unmerited. She is amazing. Alas, she also has a rather unfortunate penchant for shedding, drooling, and begging for table scraps.
By Tim Cahill

The Wild File
Why do we christen boats with champagne? How do ducks float? And what's the deal with that strange phenomenon that creates mirages in the Arctic?

Destinations: The Mysterious Faces of Joshua Tree:
Though it's best known as a climbers' mecca, there's a lot more to California's desert playground than its myriad cliffs and crags. From overnight bushwacking and illicit swimming to abandoned mines and found poetry, a guide to scrambling in the nation's most exotic national park.

  Hiking the historic coastal bluffs of Ireland's Dingle Way.
Pennywise diving on one of the world's richest reefs.
P L U S : Where to get that last whitewater fix of the season, moonlight cycling in New Mexico's otherworldly White Sands National Monument, and more.

Bodywork: Keeping it all straight:
Good posture is more than an antiquated social nicety — it's among the foremost keys to improving your athletic performance. How to determine whether your back's out of whack and, more importantly, how to fix it.

  Tips for improving your spinal form, whether at work or at play.
A 15-minute regimen to bring your torso in line.

Review: Backpacks to fit every body
Load-haulers that adapt to your shape have become the industry's grail — and now we may all reap the rewards. The best on the market from Arc'Teryx, Dana Design, Gregory, Kelty, Lowe Alpine, Mountainsmith, Natural Balance, Osprey, The North Face, and VauDe.

  Buying Right: Navigational tools for the digital age, including nifty new GPS units and topo maps on CD-ROM.
The Other Stuff: The world's first zero-weight fly rod; Binoculars that remain steady even when you're on the move; a climbing helmet so stylish that — gasp! — climbers may actually wear it;
Books: Lasso the Wind: Away to the New West, by Timothy Egan; and more.

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