Outside Magazine, Nov 2013

The Secrets of Survival



When outdoor athletes put down their gear and pick up guitars

Inside Ted Ligety's masochistic plan to take over the ski universe, starting with the Sochi Olympics

Juicing is the biggest thing to happen to endurance sports since interval training. Time to hop on the bandwagon.

The best emergency rescue apps for the wild smartphone user

IFC Films's new movie about K2 never quite reaches the top

Clothing that’s purpose-built for serious outdoor activities has been migrating to the city for several years now.

There's scant evidence for the effectiveness of most supplements. But here are a few to consider—and a few to shy away from.

An ax that’s as practical as it is refined

Looking for your own private hideaway? This is it.

Every good athlete has at least one soft spot. Want to be great? Strengthen your weakest link.

Thrills on Everest, and a botanical romance

Three proven formulas for a different kind of Turkey Day

There's a better way to spend Thanksgiving than watching football with your in-laws. Heads up: it's a little rugged.

For years, Bob Shacochis was obsessed with a fish, South America's fighting golden dorado. But when he followed that dream to Argentina's Iberá Marsh, he found that he wasn't the only one with a vision that could pull him under.

Budding explorer Sonya Baumstein becomes the first person to SUP across the Bering Strait

Les Stroud, the most trusted name in survival, has seen it all—and lived to tell about it. Next time you’re up a creek, you should probably do what he says.

5 stories by our editors about near-death experiences and how they survived.

New Jersey’s post-Sandy strategy: massive resistance to rising seas

Geologist Orrin Pilkey predicted exactly what a storm like Sandy would do to the mid-Atlantic coast and New York City. On a tour of destruction after the deluge, he and David Gessner ponder a troubling question: Why are people rebuilding, as if all this isn't going to happen again?

The billions in federal Sandy relief will mainly be used to rebuild what was there before

The debate is on: just useless, or truly dangerous?

An embedded film-maker boldly documents Lance Armstrong’s downfall

The Tough Mudder and Spartan Race champ is paving a new path through the sport

On the morning of June 30, all 20 members of Prescott, Arizona's Granite Mountain Hotshots headed into the mountains to protect the small town of Yarnell from an advancing blaze. Later that day, every man but one was dead. Through interviews with family, colleagues, and the lone survivor, a former hotshot pieces together their final hours—and the fatal choices

Oh No
What would you do if your parachute didn’t open? If you were pinned under a waterfall or shot while kayaking the Amazon? First, you’d pray you get lucky—as these brave souls did—and second, you’d wish Survivorman Les Stroud was there to tell you what to do next.
5 Near-Death Experiences from the Adventurers Who Lived
Survive This: 3 Harrowing Tales
Saving Your Ass: Meet Your Rescuers
Know or Die: The Best Emergency Apps

Down by the Seaside With Dr. Doom
Months after Hurricane Sandy swamped the mid-Atlantic coast, David Gessner and geologist Orrin Pilkey hit the road from North Carolina to New York City, asking: Why are we rebuilding if it’s just going to happen again?

Sun King
For years, Bob Shacochis nursed a fisherman’s dream: to catch a famed South American dorado. And it wouldn’t let him rest until he’d traveled to Argentina’s vast Iberá Wetlands, where he met a man even more obsessed than he was.

What went wrong on June 30 in Yarnell, Arizona, when all but one of the 20 Granite Mountain Hotshots died fighting what seemed like a routine blaze? Former hotshot Kyle Dickman pieces together the close-knit crew’s final hours—and fatal choices.

First Look:
America’s best shot at Olympic downhill gold is not Lindsey Vonn or Bode Miller. It’s Ted Ligety.
A Florida woman SUPs across the Bering Strait.
A new all-access documentary tells the story of Lance Armstrong’s fall in astonishing detail. Plus, The Summit re-creates K2’s deadliest day.
Rising Star:
Obstacle racing’s breakout phenom Amelia Boone.
Handmade axes almost too graceful to swing.

Hold that pill. Your daily multivitamin may be doing more harm than good.
How to strengthen your body’s weak links.
The best juicers, tested.
Manscaping winter beards.

Whether you want the Caribbean on the cheap or an unexplored nation in the South Pacific, these sandy outposts offer great adventure—and no crowds.
Weekend Plan:
Forget the leftovers and the endless football. This Thanksgiving, head for the woods instead.

Winter Toys:
Outside’s ski and snowboard testers rode more than one hundred planks at Snowbird and Crested Butte. The results are in.

Modern Classics:
As functional as Granddad’s clothes, only better fitting.