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Bringing up children, the Outside way

Iron Jack
The surfer-singer is not who you think he is. As his new album attests, he’s a changed man, and if you don’t like him crooning about the ocean, he couldn’t care less. By MICHAEL ROBERTS
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The Guide
What does it take to inspire a life of adventure? Eight writers weigh in on being—and raising—an active kid. PLUS: Rite-of-passage trips, and wisdom from six Outside icons.

Beauty in the Breakdown
For years, he knocked off world-class climbing routes—then was sent crashing to earth by the meds he took to conquer his fears. After battling demons and doctors, MATT SAMET reveals how he finally finished the steepest climb of his life.

Grand Theft Cattle
A New West fable about the rustlers out there stealing and dealing livestock—and the GPS-slinging detectives who hunt them down. By STEVEN RINELLA

The Beautiful and the Dammed
With five hydroelectric dams planned for Chile’s pristine Río Baker area, PATRICK SYMMES follows 500 miles of the power lines’ intended course, from threatened estancias to plunging fjords to cities buried under ash.
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»   FIRST LOOK: Why are the country’s brightest young CEOs ditching the boardroom to ski, kayak, and hit the tattoo parlors together? Because adventure sells, baby
»   NEWS FROM THE FIELD: Climber Daniel Woods looks to win bouldering’s World Cup in Vail; a brief history of the Teva Mountain Games; Eric Jackson‘s whitewater tour
»   THE WILD FILE: Usain Bolt vs. a pro track cyclist; why black widows deserve their name; and repurposing snow chains
»   MEDIA: Summer’s best reads, from Sebastian Junger’s Afghan-war chronicle to Peter Stark’s search for America’s last wild spaces

»    Weekend Escapes: 21 summer getaways you can’t afford to miss, from Washington’s San Juans to Connecticut’s Housatonic River—all for $500 or less. PLUS: Adventure tales from Outside‘s editors.

»    Khakis and sneakers: Standby classics for a man on the move

»   Tools of Summer: The latest gear to get you through the dog days’ best adventures, from surf, lake, hike, and sea-kayak to road trip.

Vitamin D may be one of the most underappreciated performance enhancers. And even if you spend your days in the sun, odds are you’re not getting enough.

Using a lottery system to dole out permits for rafting the Grand Canyon, etc., seems fair. It isn’t. Let’s reward the fanatics willing to wait in line, too. By GRAYSON SCHAFFER

Tired of offering disaster aid via text message, ERIC HANSEN signs up for a relief mission to Haiti—and discovers he may have been better off just sending a check.

Paragliding in the Indian Himalayas’ fickle weather and fierce topography is as dangerous and unpredictable as it sounds. Which is why THAYER WALKER had to give it a go.
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Even if you’re fit—perhaps because you’re fit—that long plane flight could be more damaging than you think. By NICK HEIL