Outside Magazine, Jul 1996


Let There Be High Water
Rehearsed in cyberspace and unleashed by engineering wonks, it was an attempt to re-create the Colorado River's pre-dam floods. And if the 117-billion-gallon torrent that roared through the Grand Canyon proved one thing, it's that playing God on the world's most politicized swath of water is a bit like telling lies: One act is sure to beget another.
By Hampton Sides

The Backcountry Epicure
Three days. Nine meals. And, with the help of a trio of award-winning chefs, as many exotic flavors as your palate can savor.
By Paul Kvinta

How the West Was Bogeyed
Merely walking the length of the Lewis and Clark Trail, he thought, wouldn't be enough. Not if he didn't break par. From Montana to Missouri with five-iron in tow, teeing it up for a 2,113-mile round of wilderness golf.
By Bill Vaughn

It's the Environment, Stupid
A frank chat with Ralph Nader, big-business watchdog cum Green Party presidential candidate, who some say could actually cost Bill Clinton the election.
By Miles Harvey

Genghis on My Mind
With an inexhaustible store of confidence and a carefully guarded clue, obsessed Khanophile Maury Kravitz is about to embark on the mother of all archaeological expeditions: the quest to unearth the 700-year-old tomb of history's most mysterious warlord.
By Michael McRae

Chantal Mauduit tries to firm up her place as the world's top female alpinist with a two-pronged Himalayan assault. Yellowstone's long-running "antler wars" reach a fevered new pitch. Miguel Indurain, looking … not completely unbeatable, shoots for a sixth-straight Tour de France title. On a wing and Web site, a stoic Minnesotan tries to become the first person to cross North America by canoe. The green-bashing, wilderness-trashing record of Newt Gingrich's enviro Dream Team. A South African painter sacrifices his body for art's sake. Plus: Karch Kiraly and Kent Steffes keep winning amidst the acrimony of the AVP tour, a high-minded rock-and-roll band takes "garbage music" into the mainstream, a 16-year-old canoeist upsets the field in the last Olympic tune-up, state legislatures make insulting veggies a criminal act, and more.

Out There
In the belly of the beast with a fellow dubbed the Lightning Stalker, our man confronts–in his own inimitable, cowering-in-the-back-of-a-jeep way–his lifelong fear of demon electricity.
By Randy Wayne White

The Wild File
Why don't cows cross cattle guards? Has anyone ever seen a triple rainbow? If you sneeze whenever you emerge from darkness into light, is it time to get your head examined?

Bicycle touring made easy: from the banks of the Mississippi to British Columbia's hinterlands, traffic-free spins through country where the lodging appears on cue and following your whims won't lead you astray. The best of the nation's multiday group rides. Everything you need to become your own sag wagon. Alpine climbing, beachcombing, and spelunking in a forgotten, peaceful corner of the former Yugoslavia. Plus: An off-the-path lodge in the heart of California's wild central coast, untangling the convoluted web that is Europe's rail system, and more.

Working out despite the aches of summer: the best ways to keep your motor running–without adding insult to injury–when saddled with strains, sprains, tendinitis, and shinsplints. The pros, cons, and potentially dangerous side effects of the major over-the-counter pain relievers. How to make sure you're fueling up properly for hot-season sports. Plus: Ned Overend's quality-over-quantity mountain-bike training regimen, and a guide to negotiating fast-food outlets with arteries intact.

Personal electronics for field and stream: with apologies to Thoreau, a look at a new breed of CD players, boom boxes, shortwave radios, and camcorders built tough enough to take with you. The lowdown on disposable and rechargeable batteries. Accurate, durable, water-resistant watches to fit any budget. A trio of amphibious sport shoes that shine both wet and dry. Plus: A clever rack that can hold six bikes inside a van, pickup, or SUV; Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small Island; and more.

Between the Lines