Outside Magazine, January/February 2016

The Theory of Everything



The only problem you’ll have in the planet’s ultimate adventure mecca is deciding what to do first

Stay warm, look cool

A rollicking new book examines the extraordinary, nearly forgotten life of the american scout and adventurer

The best gear and accessories for the most punishing way to have fun this winter

Stay in the game longer and stronger with a solid prehab routine, and go harder with a smart recovery routine

Some of the best medicine for kids with attention-deficit disorders may be extreme sports and outdoor learning. That's good news, because not only do they need exploration, but exploration desperately needs them.

For two days, freeskiers and snowboarders will replace baseball players in this iconic stadium as part of a new big-air event.

Everything you need to know to crash in the backcountry (in a good way)

Eleven must-haves for living off-the-grid

The clothing company wants to be a major force in outdoor apparel. Can it succeed where other big brands failed?

The latest trend among top-level athletes is getting fans to cover the cost of competing

Upstart companies are offering to ship customers primo boxes of hand-selected outdoor tool and toys

Stay warm in all kinds of conditions, with these versatile down-alternative outer and midlayers

Small-batch chocolatiers are looking to ancient civilizations to revive a forgotten elixir

The endless cascade of nutritional information—about localism, vegetarianism, veganism, organic food, the environmental impact of eating meat, poultry, or fish, and more—makes the simple goal of a healthy, sustainable diet seem hopelessly complex. We talked to scientists, chefs, and farmers to get the ultimate rundown on how you should fuel up.


ADHD Is Fuel for Adventure
Extreme sports are powerful medicine for kids who are allergic to sitting still. That's good news for everyone with attention deficits—and better news for the future of exploration. By Florence Williams

You're Not Dead Until You're Warm and Dead
People coming back to life after being frozen stiff. Frogs that cryopreserve for winter and then reanimate. The new science of extreme cold is offering revolutionary new insights and therapies for everything from deadly exposure to peak athletic performance. By Rene Ebersole

Vegans Will Own the Podium
Why ultrarunners, climbers, and NFL linemen are turning to plant power. By Matt Skenazy

You Can Actually Hear the Climate Changing
Field recordist Bernie Krause is listening to a deafining new ecological silence. By Leath Tonino

Avalanche Rescue Needs a Revolutionary
Swiss snow-safety expert Manuel Genswein has no patience for tradition-based rescue techniques. Now he's proving to the world that his way is the best way for saving buried skiers, one shovel and beacon at a time. By Devon O'Neil

Everything Is a Bargain and Still No One Is Happy
Quit whining about expensive gear. Quality doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. By Will Egensteiner

Eating Right Can Save the World
Fueling up should be healthy for you—and the planet. But how do you figure out the most sustainable diet? By Tim Zimmermann

The Outdoor Life Is a Magnet for Tech Geeks
Capital is venturing out of Silicon Valley to the nation's coolest towns. By Jay Bennett

60 Is the New 25
People thought Ned Overend was a freak of nature when he was winning mountain-bike races at 40. That was 20 years ago. Now the sexagenarian is crushing fat-bike racers a third his age. By Jon Billman


First Look: Megacompany Under Armour is making a push into the outdoor-apparel market.
Media: The fearless, forgotten exploits of a frontier legend.
Drink: Mexican hot chocolates are the newest trend.
Primer: Move over, Green Monster—a big-air competition is coming to Fenway.
Crowdfunding: What do Olympians do when they're short on cash? Get some from fans.

New Zealand:
The only problem you'll have in the planet's ultimate adventure mecca is deciding what to do first. Paddling, mountain biking, heli-fishing, stargazing, wine sipping—the fun menu is unlimited.
Adventure Beta: First tracks are always yours at these backcountry huts.

Wanted: hand-shaped snowboard custom-built for steeps and trees.
Stress Tested: Versatile down-alternative jackets.
Upgrade: Ski-hut necessities.
Outfitted: The perfect après kit.
Lowdown: Gear subscriptions are here.


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