Outside Magazine, Jan/Feb 2010



A quick daily routine to maintain essential muscles for any sport.

Exercise enough and you can eat whatever you want...Right? Wrong. Trust me, I spent a full year dieting. What I learned could change your life.

Health and Fitness Special
Need a total-wellness plan for 2010 and beyond? You got it: sound advice foreating (and drinking) right, living longer, de-stressing, racing with a purpose, and building muscle in ten minutes a day. PLUS: Fitness and nutrition myths debunked and the latest on alcohol and health and exercise and hangovers.

Good Cop, Bad Cop
The World Anti-Doping Agency: beneficent watchdog cleaning up sports: or attack dog in a global war on drugs? As Olympian Zach Lund's case reveals, sometimes it's hard to tell. By BRIAN ALEXANDER

Tasty Freeze
Surf's up, man! Way, way up, actually. As in above the Arctic Circle. Join JAMES NESTOR in Norway on a reconnaissance mission to scout the world's coldest (virgin!) waves.

The Ballad of Colton Harris-Moore
The Puget Sound teenager who allegedly broke into a bunch of vacation homesand stole a couple ofplanes without knowing how to fly is still at large. And a mad manhunt is on. BOB FRIEL shadows the posse.

The Olympics
»   FIRST LOOK: Cross-country skier Kris Freeman has his needles and vials packed for Vancouver. And he wants that gold diabetes be damned.
»   NEWS FROM THE FIELD: Shaun White reveals why he built a private halfpipe in Silverton, Colorado; a brief history of Bode Miller; the ten best athlete Twitter feeds to follow during the Olympics
»   GOLD MEDAL GROOMING: Speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno gets a little fashion makeover; from you. PLUS: Can ski-cross really be the next big thing?
»   THE BIG IDEA: Why curling, that wacky winter sport featuring men with brooms, is about to become your favorite Olympic oddity; an idiot's guide to the surprisingly complex rules
»   XX FACTOR: Julia Mancuso is back todefend her 2006 Olympic gold, but once again she finds herself the underdog
»   THE DRAWING BOARD: How Vancouver managed to create the fastest ice on the planet; a crash-course quiz on all the latest snowboard lingo; and a breakdown of what the Vancouver Olympics really costs

»   MEDIA: T.C. Boyle and Jim Harrison explore the animal id; how an 11-man Army unit liberated Kandahar only to have the top brass muck it up; fishing buddies Tom Brokaw and Yvon Chouinard hit the flats; Germany shows us that mountaineering movies need not suck

»    GET LOST: Got a nasty case of cabin fever? Escape the winter doldrums with these eight weekend adventures, from the Florida Keys to Joshua Tree to Quebec City

Brilliant from the waist down (and Steven Rinella on his love affair with denim)
The good news about the auto industry? It's hoping to reinvent itself with a new breed of fuel-efficient (and adventure-ready) rides. It's about time.

Wine connoisseurs, rejoice! Oenophile (and amateur mixologist) Eric Hansendesigns the perfect Italian blend. Or not.
Conrad Anker pays tribute to the daring Slovenian alpinist Tomaz Humar, who died doing what he loved most.