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Alaskan eccentric Trigger Twigg attempts the first winter ascent of the world's tallest face


Adventure Travel 1999

The Perfect Directions
Outside's annual guide to getting from here to there and, most important, all those not-to-be-missed points in between.

Do You Know What You Don't Know?
They've rafted Class V rivers. They've spent entire years in the field. They've paid attention, paid their dues, paid a back-alley bribe or two. What's next for our panel of globe-trotting experts? Imparting their wisdom to you.
By Shane DuBow

The Trip-Finder
From the classic to the exotic to the stone's throw from home, 77 of this year's finest outfitted adventures.
By David Noland

Powder Burn
The flames could be seen from 20 miles away, the reverberations felt from much farther. Just before Halloween, a multi-million-dollar blaze was set in Vail, Colorado, and though a notorious group claimed responsibility, the case is still wide open. But no matter the identity of the culprit, a larger question rises from the ashes: Is this an isolated case of anti-corporate rage, or a sign that the environmental movement's most radical wing is once again on the offensive?
By Robert S. Boynton

Prognosticator, Special Fin de Si├Ęcle Edition
Have the '90s saved their best for last? Wouldn't you like to know. Our seer has taken a quick glance at the future, however, and what he's found — The Death of Street Luge! A Brave New Delaware! The All-You-Can-Snort Olympics! — promises one helluva way to end a millennium.
By David Rakoff

The Nile at Mile One
On a bicycle ride through Uganda (beware of the rhinos), following an established itinerary (Winston Churchill's 1907 trek) can lead to a surprising destination: a river where everything and nothing has changed.
By Mark Hertsgaard

Blackbeard Doesn't Come Here Anymore
How many secret histories does Gorda Cay hide beneath its white Bahamian beach? You could unearth the pirate story, or the tales of childhood paradise, or the bloody saga of the drug smugglers. And there's always the Disney version.
By Robert Antoni


  D E P A R T M E N T S
Dispatches: News from the Field
In a state chock-full of eccentrics, Alaska mountaineer Trigger Twigg is among the oddest. Which could mean he has what it takes to pull off the first winter ascent of the tallest exposed mountain face in the world.

  The literati heap praise on a hot new polar clique, to the dismay of its alleged members.
Lewis and Clark buffs go forensic — and scatological — in the search for their heroes' long-lost outpost.
Why the spiritual center of American climbing may soon have the charm of a Motel 6.
American adventure racers notch an unprecedented victory in Morocco.
P L U S : Scientists offer small hope for the dying Aral Sea, a solo sea kayaker offers an unusual remedy for loneliness, turtle researchers offer mea culpas for their tragic blunder.

Out There
After an 11-year absence, our man returns to Bali in search of what he left behind, swimming against the current of time to a place that surprises, well, even him.
By Tim Cahill

The Wild File
Do "lake-effect" snowstorms exist? How do scientists classify species? And what's really so funny about the so-called funny bone?

Bodywork: The Outside Fitness Plan, Part Four
Becoming a smooth, coordinated athlete requires more than muscle strength and cardiovascular prowess. You also need power, speed, agility — and a hard-ass coach whose own moves are second to none. In the latest installment of our five-month program, American decathlon champ Chris Huffins shows you how to transform your game with a blend of newfangled drills and old-fashioned sweat.

  Why the future of fitness might come in a little white pill.
At-home rehab to get you back on the slopes in no time.

Review: Go Directly to Go
Snowshoeing made even simpler: Remarkably, the latest gear for that most basic of sports makes it easier than ever. No-fuss snowshoe offerings from Atlas, Crescent Moon, Litespeed, MSR, Northern Lites, Redfeather, Sherpa, Tubbs, and YubaShoes. Plus: accessories to keep you chugging — warmer, faster, and with style — through any drift.

  Buying Right: Accessorize Those Platforms
The Other Stuff: Why Nikon's new hybrid may be the only camera you'll need, Toasty climate-controlled ski boots from Nordica, The next best thing to a crime-free world: Kryptonite's innovative lock for securing both snowboards and their bindings.
Books: Crazy Horse, by Larry McMurtry; The Springboard in the Pond, by Thomas A. P. van Leeuwen; Mr. Darwin's Shooter, by Roger McDonald; and a crop of new and recent books by our contributors.

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