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Why fitness training via webcam is more popular than ever

Costa rica is basically one giant, overrun eco-resort, right? Not here.

Join Ryan Koupal on a four-day adventure

Experience the aurora borealis at Chena Hot Springs Resort

Words of wisdom from Heart publishing executive Michael Clinton, a new backpack developed by Kelly Slater, and a look at the new 50-room Basecamp Hotel in South Lake Tahoe

New technology is making it easier than ever for athletes to fine-tune their nutrition through blood analysis. Prepare to send in the vials.

Three blood-analysis companies to help maximize performance

A better way to beat the ice

One in three vehicles sold today is an SUV, but that doesn't mean you (necessarily) need one

Performance tires, all-season tires, snow tires: Which should you be using?

Direct impacts rarely end well. Every year, collisions with wildlife result in 1.5 million crashes, 200 deaths, and $1 billion in vehicle damage. Here are five tips to stay safe.

Winter is great, except when you’re holed up with no sun all day. Take your weekends back with one of these fresh, easy adventures.

The upstart climbing phenomenon reveals the secrets to his success

Hollywood sticks it to the energy establishment with the new Matt Damon and John Krasinski film

Jim Harrison's new book, made up of two longer stories, is a fascinating read about the way we navigate rivers and life

When the Reverend Sun Myung Moon died in September, at age 92, obituaries described a man who'd inspired zealous devotion and condemnation—a summation that Moon never shied away from. "I am a controversial person," he wrote in his 2009 autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. "The mere mention of my name causes trouble in the world." Here's a loo

A decade before his death, Sun Myung Moon—multimillionaire founder of the controversial Unification Church—sent a band of followers deep into the wilds of Paraguay, with orders to build the ultimate utopian community and eco-resort. So how’s that working out? Monte Reel machetes his way toward heaven on Earth.

"I like outdoor activities that let you fall asleep while doing them."

An update on three of our biggest feature stories from the past year

To fulfill a longtime dream and honor the memory of a fallen hero, a Turkish-American software engineer decides to circle the earth by bike and rowboat, powered solely by his own muscle, lungs, and heart. A little obsessive? Maybe, but look closely at the journey of Erden Eruc and you’ll see something else: one of the most incredible adventure stories of our ti

Crowdfunded adventures are great. Here’s how to do them right.

Kickstarter has become the go-to funding source for serious expeditions and boondoggles alike. And that has some benefactors wanting their cash back.

Indoor climbing could soon replace spin class as the urban professional’s sport of choice—and that has marketers salivating

John John Florence was 19 when he became the youngest surfer ever to win the Triple Crown. Is he the next great phenomenon?

And U.S. fans have made the sport’s culture of booze, brats, and revelry all their own

With more than 57 World Cup wins and four overall titles, Lindsey Vonn has already established herself as the greatest women’s ski racer in history. Too bad they won’t let her take on the boys.

The Dominatrix
Lindsey Vonn has quietly become the best American skier, male or female, in the history of the sport. But she’s only getting started. With her personal life in order, she’s skiing better than ever. Will she become the greatest in the world? By Peter Vigneron

This Is Good
A dependable hoodie. Bourbon flavored marshmellows. Tree porn. These are a few of the perfect things on this year’s meticulously cultivated, thoroughly peer-reviewed list of the gear, grub, people, and places that make outside life so sweet.

Around the World in 1,026 Days
Erden Eruc’s 10-year human-powered circumnavigation of the globe was set in motion by tragedy—the death of a hero, Swedish adventurer Goran Kropp. Nick Heil catches up with Eruc on the final leg of his staggering feat.

Welcome to Paradise (Don’t Trip Over the PVC)
A decade before his death, the reverend Sun Myung Moon directed the hardiest of his followers to create heaven on earth—complete with air-conditioned mansion and a plush fishing yacht—in the swamps of Paraguay. Monte Reel boards a cargo boat bound for utopia.

First Look:
Urban climbing is having a moment.
Drink: Gluten-free beer—can it really taste good?
Rising Star: Surfing’s John John Florence, the new next Kelly Slater.
Primer: The Cyclocross World Championships come to America. (Let the heckling begin.)
Crowdfunding: How Kickstarter is transforming expedition finance.
Tech: Drones attack!
Film: Hollywood takes aim at big energy via the new Matt Damon film, Promised Land.

Winter Escapes: Quick trips to recharge.
Base Camp: A high-end, low-impact lodge in Costa Rica.
Go List: Luxe resorts and penny-pinching travel tips.
Journeys: Mountain biking in Ecuador.

Food Science: The blood test every athlete should get.
My Body: Climber Sam Elias.
Moves: Personal training goes online—in real time.
Grooming: Skin care for the weather-beaten.

2013 Car Report: The best new wheels for the rugged life. Plus, the season’s top apps, racks, tires, and tech.
Style: Propper sledding garb.