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Rez Life: An Indian's Journey Through Reservation Life

Training with a monitor can be daunting to master, but it’s the best way to make the most of your workouts.

Nobody doubts that Garrett McNamara surfed a massive wave last fall. But was it really the biggest ever ridden?

A new body surfing doc goes to Tahiti, New Zealand, and Hawaii to tell the story of wave riding's most basic discipline

Australian Pat Farmer is on track to finish a ten-month pole-to-pole jog—without taking a single day off

Australia’s Northern Territory is our kind of place—a vast expanse of desert playgrounds, tropical rainforests, and supersize wildlife. Buckle up with Matthew Power as he bounces through the most extreme landscapes on the planet.

The pro skier talks avalanche safety

Hurdler Lolo Jones was the feel-good story of the Beijing Olympics, until a tiny mistake cost her a medal—and made her tale even more compelling

Everything you need to know about locking up your bike

A primer on the three toughest types of locks

Don’t scoff. The fuzzy notion of socially responsible investing is being replaced by a truly green—and profitable—model.

When thieves stole his beloved ­commuter bike on a busy street in broad daylight, PATRICK SYMMES snapped—and set out on a cross-­country plunge into the heart of ­America’s bike-crime underbelly. What he saw will ­rattle your frame.

Triathlons aren’t just trendy. Multisport training develops balanced fitness and prevents injuries. Here’s why you should dump your ordinary routine and make the switch, too.

If Lance Armstrong went to jail and Livestrong went away, that would be a huge setback in our war against cancer, right? Not exactly, because the ­famous nonprofit donates almost ­nothing to scientific research. BILL GIFFORD looks at where the money goes and finds a mix of fine ideas, millions of dollars aimed at “awareness,” and a few very blurry lines.

Liam Neeson’s new wilderness-survival epic upends disbelief

We break down the best sites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and apps for travelers, bikers, gear nerds, and more

Ever sit down, pen in hand, and copy out a list of the stuff that makes you sigh like a contented sheepdog? Well, we just did. From Kromer caps to Badger Balm to a good, stiff rye, here are 63 things that make us say—out loud, to no one in particular—“Life is good.”

World-class hurdler Lolo Jones faced down long odds to become one of the fastest ­women on earth. Then it all fell apart in ­Beijing. Grayson Schaffer cues the reboot.

Surprise! The Lance Armstrong Foundation donates almost nothing to ­cancer research—its mission now is about ­patient advocacy and “aware­ness.” And lately it has played an additional role: helping Armstrong fight off intensifying accusations that he doped his way to the podium. By Bill Gifford

From the rainforested north coast to the parched and cracked Red Center, Australia’s ­Northern ­Territory is the wild and woolly heart of the continent. ­Matthew Power hits Explorer’s High­way in a rented 4×4 to take it all in. Plus: Seven can’t-miss Down Under adventures.

In 2006, Patrick Symmes had a crappy bike stolen out from under his nose on West 44th Street in Manhattan, and he just couldn’t let it go. A revenge-fueled report from the seedy underbelly of ­urban bicycle theft. Also, how to boost-proof your ride.

First Look: Run two marathons. Sleep six hours. Repeat for 13,000 miles. Jon Billman talks to Australia’s Pat Farmer about his ten-month quest to trot from pole to pole.
News from the Field: Inside the Malloy brothers’ new bodysurfing flick. Plus: outfitted trips guided by top pros.
XX Factor: World-champion freeskier Angel Collinson opens up about recent deaths on the mountain and why she’ll always love the sport.
Drawing Board: Garrett McNamara rode a 90-foot wave. Or was it only 80? How we measure the giants surfers conquer. 
Media: Liam Neeson keeps wolves—and reality—at arm’s length in Hollywood’s latest wilderness epic. Plus: A tale that lets in the lighter side of reservation life.


Covet: A motorbike built for blacktop but tough enough for trails? We’re in.
Road Warriors: Compacts, SUVs, luxury sedans—12 new rides winning the battle for better fuel economy.
Leather boots are back. Here are five ­rugged varieties and our tips on wearing them well.

In the Lead: Doctors and coaches weigh in on why triathlon training is fitness gold.
Tools: The best full-featured heart-rate monitors and how to use them.
Pulse: A protein to keep climbers stronger at altitude; beat your personal record by lying to yourself; and a carb calculator to make bonking a thing of the past.

Capitalism wreaks havoc on the earth, right? Not necessarily. David Wolman explains how an enlightened new approach to investing is nudging Wall Street toward social responsibility.

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With 250 million websites and more than a billion social-media users, it’s easy to get lost in the cloud. We run down the essential blogs, Twitter feeds, and mobile apps for everybody from gearheads to greens.