These products make it easier to fit your workout in while on the move.
These products make it easier to fit your workout in while on the move. (illustration: Patrick Leger)

Forgo the Gym with These 7 Pieces of Workout Gear

These products make it easier to fit your workout in while on the move.

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FitSkuad Speedure Jump Rope ($49)

Featuring a slim, adjustable ten-foot cable and light aluminum grips, the Speedure will help you master double-unders and blast your lungs. The ball bearings connecting the cable to the grips spin smoothly at speeds up to 300 rotations per minute.

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Yogo Ultralight 2.0 Mat ($68)

Super-grippy rubber is this 2.5-pound yoga companion’s secret ingredient, keeping you in place during the sweatiest down-dogs. It’s also easy to rinse off after you haul it to and from Instagram-worthy spots. A cotton-mesh inner layer prevents stretching.

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Hummingbird Folding Bike ($2,250 and up) 

Billed as the lightest folding bike in the world, the Hummingbird weighs just 14.3 pounds. The wheels tuck but keep the chain tensioned, so it doesn’t drop, saving you headaches in elevators and crowded subway cars.

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Always Be Moving

The solution to sitting isn’t to stand. It's to move. All day. Reprogram your life with nonstop motion.

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BlenderBottle GoStak Containers ($13)

Four sizes of connectable plastic jars let you customize your own snack tower. Twist the carry handle on top to lash your protein powder, gorp, or carrots to your bag.

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Portable KettleBell Sandbags ($40 and up) 

The beauty of these ballistic-nylon sacks is that you can fill them with just about anything—sand, gravel, dirt, or mud. Weights range from 15 pounds to upwards of 45. When not in use, they roll up to the size of a baguette.

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Perfect Pushup Stands ($20)

Sure, you could just drop and bust out 20. But these half-pound ro­tating handles reduce wrist strain and make your chest, shoulders, and triceps work harder, so you get more out of every rep. 

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Outside Fitness Special

127 radical tips for total health.

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WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards ($25)

Draw a card and start sweating. The waterproof, illustrated deck features 40 body-weight exercises, ten stretches, and six full workouts that take the guesswork out of getting fit.

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From Outside Magazine, October 2016
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Lead illustration: Patrick Leger