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In his first year with the New England Patriots, Revis will also play in his first Super Bowl. (Photo: Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

A Look into Darrelle Revis’ Steazy Athleticism

The Super Bowl virgin on running hills, eating yogurt, and guarding Revis Island.

Action, Football, NFL
Ben Yeager

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The New England Patriots’ Darrelle Revis is one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks, known for his explosive acceleration and ability to isolate opponents when they enter his part of the field, dubbed “Revis Island.” Colts quarterback Andrew Luck learned this the hard way during this year’s AFC Championship game. It was the second half, probably the Colts’ last chance to stay in the game, when Luck threw a pass to receiver T.Y. Hilton. Revis launched into the air, made the interception and ran it back for a touchdown, sealing the 45-7 victory for New England. That move helped him earn a spot on the field at his first Super Bowl on Feb. 1. Below, the six-time Pro-Bowler discusses the fitness regimen that helped get him there.

REST VS. TRAINING: As you get closer to the game, you want to rest a little bit more. The game’s Sunday, you know, you want to get all your hard work in, your heavy lifting, heavy training earlier in the week. And then as it gets closer to the game, you don’t put yourself under too much stress. You just relax.

EXPLOSIVENESS VS. ENDURANCE: It’s a mixture, too. My trainer Brett Fischer has me on a good regimen, having me run a lot all season. That’s all we do at Brett Fischer Sports is run, run, run. We run hills, and I think that’s where endurance comes. I run the beaches. That’s very hard. Your feet sink in and it’s really tough.

“I throw a tennis ball against the wall and try to chase it. Like a cat-and-mouse with a tennis ball. I think that’s where I get my eye-hand coordination.”

REACTION TIME AND HAND-EYE COORDINATION: During the off-season I do a lot of ball drills, whether if it’s with a football, or sometimes I will do eye-hand coordination with tennis balls. I throw a tennis ball against the wall and try to chase it. Like a cat-and-mouse with a tennis ball. I think that’s where I get my eye-hand coordination.

JUMPING: I think that’s just god-given talent.

FUELING: I like to load up on a lot of protein. Us professional athletes, we burn a lot of fat, so protein is probably great. But I also add in Steaz [Steaz is one of Revis’ sponsors]. 

Outside: So have you cut anything out of your diet?

Revis: I’ll tell you what I don’t cut out: Steaz.

Outside: OK.

Revis: I think the best thing I’ve done is shop at Whole Foods, you know, healthy food. [Whole Foods is also one of Revis’ sponsors.] A lot of protein, vegetables and fruit. And I love yogurt. Protein, vegetables and yogurt. And you can’t forget Steaz.

THE CORE: I love to do abs. And I’m big on squatting. That’s where you can get a lot of your explosiveness. The core is the most important thing. It’s where everything starts from: the core. If you have a strong core, you’re going to do very well competing out there.