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Building a nationwide network for LGBTQ+ runners.

Riley’s training, under coach Lee Troop, is a lot like the marathon: Relentless. Here are 6 training principles and 3 key workouts that got him on the U.S. team and ready to push for the Games.

How the Dathan Ritzenhein-coached On Athletics Club has made huge strides in its first year — and what you can learn from them to apply to your own training.

An extended cross country season may have been an ‘X’ factor that catapulted Notre Dame’s Yared Nuguse to the next level in his running career.

Webb talks with us as he takes aim at Grandma's Marathon, fresh off a 1:13 half marathon after using pandemic time to redefine his physique.

Hocker, Oregon standout and Olympic hopeful, shares training principles and perspectives that every runner can use.

In Episode 14 of the Endurance Podcast, host Ian Sharman talks with ultra-champion Yassine Diboun about the many benefits of group training, physical performance, mental health, learning, and fun.

A race to promote mental health and safety of the LGBTQ+ community.

The cut-off time muddles the meaning of qualifying and jerks runners around, taking away much of what makes the experience great.

The mile race is the perfect drama — to race, to watch, to relive — as these trackside accounts of unforgettable showdowns throughout running history reveal.

The Bowerman Track Club rookie reveals some of her favorite workouts (and the toughest ones, too).

Galloway has done more for the sport of running than anyone I ever met, no matter what you think of "Gallowalking."

Four Finnish runners explain the nuanced meanings of "sisu," the legendary trait that epitomizes the essence of great distance runners.

After training in Ethiopia, an elite marathoner starts to learn their success stems as much from how they approach running as from what they do in training.

The former Wired editor, now CEO of The Atlantic, Nicholas Thompson is busier — and faster — than ever at 45. Here's how the new age-group American 50K record-holder does it.

How a headstrong teenager took the Minnesota State High School League to court in the 1970s, setting a precedent for high school girls to compete in sports.

A behind-the-scenes photo essay of Desiree Linden's record-setting 50K run in Oregon.

The unexpected sports expertise of elite runners and why they value their other athletic pursuits.

Training in the African running powerhouse of Ethiopia may look completely different, but their practices reflect universal principles you can use.

Time hasn’t stopped, it just feels that way. Runners know better, and that knowledge of passing time can help us optimize each day and be present in each hour.

Four areas the ultrarunning champion is focused on as she moves further into the master ranks, plus expert advice on how to build your longevity in the sport.

After disappointment at the Olympic Marathon Trials, Emily Sisson took time to examine her weaknesses.

Five individuals, duos, and groups of women spanning the globe fighting for a new era in running defined by equality, belonging, and empowerment. 

Purrier and Coach Mark Coogan explain the strategy and workouts they use to build aerobic power.

The author of Out of Thin Air lived and trained with Ethiopian distance runners for 15 months and gives us an insider look at their lifestyle and culture.

When passion for running becomes a harmful addiction, diversifying a sense of self can help to heal the relationship.

Spring smells like Boston, and travel, hinting at fresh possibilities that lift the spirit.

A few of the watershed moments that shifted the sport of running toward inclusiveness and highlighted women's excellence.

What the Lake Biwa Marathon’s incredible results reveal about Japanese marathoning today.

A new book chronicles a 330 mile run in honor of the Navajo Long Walk.

Physiology journal report reveals how lifetime sub 3-hour marathoners declined less than 7 percent per decade.

For over 10 years, Daniels had been plagued by stress fractures along with Achilles and high hamstring injuries. Here's how and why he finally slowed down to build a healthier running foundation.

Reflections on fitness and health, long-haul COVID, choices, and consequences.

We spoke with the world record holder for the fastest 100 miles run on a treadmill to learn how to mind-hack our way to a more enjoyable treadmill run.

As athletes, we tend to glorify discipline, but sometimes it’s necessary to move on to new activities and identities.

How becoming less selfish in our running can help us reclaim our sense of self.

Native runners talk about their cultural connections to the sport, and what we all can gain by welcoming in, listening to, and supporting indigenous runners.

Three simple strategies to keep ourselves moving forward while we wait for change.

Child phenom Bria Wetch was expected to burn out. She tells how, after some road bumps, she's still getting better 20 years later.

An award-winning science fiction writer paints a compelling — and rather disturbing — vision of running in the near future.

Martin used modest mileage and impressive lactate-threshold workouts to run the fastest marathon ever for a U.S.-born African American, 2:11:05.

Curiosity, resiliency, and spirituality have propelled Sara Hall to unexpected marathon success in her late thirties. She intends to explore her potential as long as she still loves to run.

Our running footprints can make any route special with memories of growing fitness, strength and speed.

Dhani Jones hosts Kionte Storey on Someone Like Me, a series of conversations with outstanding individuals in endurance sports of different backgrounds, including BIPOC, transgender, and adaptive athletes.

Little known before this year, D’Amato, 36, has been setting records since June and tells how she trains and races.

Albertson got faster when he decided that “running is easy.” After placing 7th in the Marathon Trials, he's done some crazy training this fall and now he’s aiming for a 2:09.

Winter has a way of making every run an adventure and every setting magical — offering the chance to see the world new and fresh as we get in a great workout.

We spoke with the former University of Michigan All-American and recent XC Town USA Meet of Champions victor about the highs and lows of his running career, and how he’s built resilience.

Bring your comeback questions to this member Q&A on Dec. 9. What can we learn from top athletic comebacks? And how can you stage a comeback in your own life?

Lifelong runners often stay adaptable and motivated to run their best at any age by reseting their expectations, routines and goals.

Spence was ready to give up on the marathon. Until he turned his training upside down.

Elite runners train hard, even when they can't run many miles as they come back from an injury. 2:30-marathoner Becky Wade shows how as she details a week of her workouts.

Former elite marathoner Tina Muir discusses her experience with disordered eating, the warning signs for RED-S and what to do about it.

After arthritis took running away long ago, this coach found himself jumping into a virtual race and awakening a lost drive.

A few running steps remind the author how integrated and ingrained running is in his life — and body.

There’s a reason you feel tired: Not knowing where the end is. How the running mindset can help, and how living through the pandemic might make us better runners.

Spangler says a balanced training program with key confidence-building workouts, a more relaxed mental approach, and a “finely tuned taper” carried her to victory in the 1996 Olympic Marathon Trials.

After Sara Hall's second-place finish in the London Marathon, her coach (and husband) Ryan Hall discusses the ups and downs of the last year — indeed, of their entire careers.

Matt Hart talks about writing "Win At All Costs: Inside Nike Running and its Culture of Deception," an indictment of not only Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project, but Nike’s legacy of dubious ethics, sexism, and athlete doping.

Tracy Beth Høeg, accomplished ultra runner, MD and researcher talks about how COVID-19 affects runners, bone health, vision loss and hallucinations during ultras, the menstrual cycle and more.

Pain can be a performance ally if you take steps to manage your perspective on it.

Sunday's historic duel between Kenenisa Bekele and Eliud Kipchoge at the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon will offer fans a riveting distraction from a world on fire.

The legendary Adams State coach produced decades of great runners by fully investing himself in their goals.

And the simple solution to keep them active.

Author Peter Lovesey dreams of being a great runner. His passion for running makes him a major crime novelist, and an important historian of the sport.

Courtney Dauwalter talks about the training and tactics that have taken her to the top of the ultra world.

Watch a cross country race and you'll be reminded of all that is good in the sport.

Kastor ran a masters marathon record by using “roller coaster” training, a smart taper, and practicing mental toughness and positivity.

6 key perspectives I’ve learned from my favorite psychology books

Tommy Rivers Puzey is fighting for his life, recently diagnosed with lung cancer. His friends and fans are raising funds to help.

Rod Dixon won the 1983 NYC Marathon by focusing on periodization, recovery, balanced training, and a little beer.

3 coaches of successful female cross-country teams share guidelines for connecting effectively.

A doctor’s question reveals how completely the sport is woven into one runner’s life.

The story of a runner who went missing during the 1912 Olympic marathon and recorded the world's slowest time by several decades. He’s now celebrated as Japan’s ‘father of the marathon.’

Imagine Bill Rodgers, Mary Decker-Slaney, Wes Santee as Olympic champions; Kipchoge's double, Coe's treble, Nurmi's perfect ten.

Time-trial PRs aren’t the same as “real” PRs. Who cares?

The ultrarunner shattered the record for running the 1,147-mile Ice Age Trail in one shot.

106 members of Black Girls RUN! give their experiences and perspectives.

The Olympic marathon qualifier will be racing in a pair of Cloudflows this Saturday after securing a sponsorship with the Swiss running brand.