(Photo: Ty Milford)
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A Truly Movable Feast

Hydro Flask’s new soft-sided cooler tote and cooler pack let you go places you’ve never been


Throughout the history of outdoor sports and picnics, proper feasts—the kind with ice-cold beer and fancy cheeses—have, by necessity, had to happen close to or at your car. Two dudes awkwardly carrying a traditional cooler can make it only so far. Which is why Hydro Flask’s new Unbound Series™ Soft Coolers—there’s a tote and backpack version—are our new favorite pieces of gear. Now you can comfortably and easily hike or carry your favorite drinks and morsels to the crag, overlook, or fishing hole. The 22-liter pack is tricked-out and comfortable enough for serious day hikes, while the slightly-larger (24 liters) tote is your go-to for outdoor concerts, picnics, and festivals. Both can carry roughly 25 pounds of food, beverages, and ice, and keep perishables cold for 48 hours. A waterproof zipper means you can lay ’em down in the car or on a blanket without fear of spillage, and, thanks to their sturdy, compression-molded bases, you put a corked bottle of wine in either and not worry about it tipping over.

Lead Photo: Ty Milford