Here are our current favorite condiments, from spicy to sweet. (Photo: Peloton Magazine)

What We Dig: Condiments

From "light your face on fire" to "mild-mannered comfort accent"


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Adventures to exotic locales aren’t always possible. You can, however, infuse exotica into your taste buds at your own dinner table or breakfast nook, in the simple form of a creative condiment. Here are our current favorites.

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Quick and hot, great on rice and will turn your morning eggs into a Huy Fong Foods festival. Made right down the road from Move Press HQ in Rosemead, CA, from sun-ripened chilies. Try it on burgers or to turn your hot dog into another, more interesting experience. West meets East.

Hela Curry Gewuz Ketchup (delikat)

Billed as a mild curry ketchup, but don’t be fooled by the humility of the label. If you have spent your entire life using regular ketchup, this will quickly become your go-to condiment for grilled cheeses, fries, and dare we say, scrambled eggs. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at midnight, three pints in, it’s raining and you are eating al fresco in Hamburg.

Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce

This Thai elixir works well with dim sims, fish cakes and spring rolls, but is even better as a mystery marinade for grilled chicken or beef kabobs. Perfect amount of spice and sweetness and filled with pickled red chili greatness.

Mizkan Sesame Flavored Dressing

An odd choice, but haven’t you ever wondered how and where to get the salad dressing they put on those too tiny salads at Japanese restaurants? We found it in a bottle! Apply generously and often to any vegetable dish.

Cholula Hot Sauce

A condiment selection would not be complete without the granddaddy of all, Cholula hot sauce. Billed as “Flavorful Fire” and made with red and piquin peppers in Mexico, the unique flavor and heat of Cholula works best on pizza, eggs and, if you aren’t prudish, it can light popcorn on fire.

Inglehoffer Wasabi Horseradish

You know it’s good when your sinuses begin to sting and you continue to dollop. Save this for the seared Ahi. Evidently, everyone in Oregon knows about Inglehoffer Wasabi Horseradish. We had to discover it after an arduous search. We now collect and covet it.

This story was originally published in Peloton Magazine.

Lead Photo: Peloton Magazine