10 Animal Twitter Accounts That Will Improve Your Life

You just have to unfollow all those downers first


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There’s a lot of stuff on social media that can be a huge bummer. Fortunately, the animal kingdom has provided some inspiration for social media that is not a bummer. Here are 10 animal-themed Twitter accounts that will provide a pleasant break from the usual stuff in your feed (and generally not ruin your day).

Not a Wolf

Tweets not written by a wolf pretending to be a human man, and also not written by comedian and writer Dan Sheehan.

Thoughts of Dog

If you love or have loved 1) a dog or 2) pretty much all dogs, or if you believe the world would be a better place if we all thought and acted more like dogs, this account will make your day on a regular basis.

100% Goats

I’m telling you about a Twitter account that is called 100% Goats and I don’t think you should need any more information about it.

Just a Bear

Ruminations on the daily life of a bear, from a bear.


Barely English, but understandable because it’s written by a bird who fights anti-bird sentiment, and is running for president.

Effin Birds

Simply: snarky and usually profane quips paired with exquisite drawings of birds.

In Otter News

You pay too much attention to political news and not enough attention to what otters are up to. Fix that here.


WeRateDogs has more than 7 million followers, based on its witty ratings of dog photos sent by followers. Spoiler: not a hell of a lot of dogs get ratings below 10/10.

Pepe the King Prawn

Of all the Muppet characters (who are pretty funny and/or cute in the flesh, er, felt), only Pepe the King Prawn is actually funny on Twitter, OK?

Dog Solution

To be honest: photos of dogs that kind of don’t make sense with tweet captions that sort of make sense (but are usually funny).

(I’m not an animal, but you can follow me on Twitter at @semi_rad.)