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The secret to an exciting family adventure? Bermuda.

An argument in favor of catching sunrises, running errands, and talking with your friends face-to-face

5 tips to help you feel less critical and embrace your body

A difficult breakup had the musician worried he’d lost his identity. A solo road trip reminded him of who he is.

Director Robin Van Gyn discusses her new documentary series, which is playing on Outside Watch now

Therapy on the hiking trail couldn’t fix the new normal of Oregon wildfire season, but could it help me grapple with it?

In a time when people are more attached to their devices than ever, getting outside has never been more vital to our happiness and wellbeing.

After the ocean took away her partner, the marine biologist found a way to live with loss

Schools invested in outdoor ed during the pandemic, but the growth was disproportionate to high-income communities

The journalist was was about to quit his reporting trip down a remote river in Colombia when a group of kids reminded him that finding great stories demands that you participate in normal existence

When the adventurer began studying shipwrecks carrying enslaved people, she was scared to uncover the pain of their sad history. Then she realized the beauty of connecting with our ancestors.

Katie Burrell has developed a brand around teaching winter-sports experts and strivers to chill out and share a laugh. Her upcoming film, ‘Weak Layers,’ revives the old party-hard ski comedy—with women at the center of the action.

We let dogs out to run. We should do the same for ourselves.

Executive producer Grant Kahler explains how the outdoor reality show went from a social experiment to survival of the meanest

The eight-episode series ‘Outlast’ pits survivalists against each other in a cruel game of psychological torture

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Adventurous families, Bermuda is the unexpected vacation you didn’t know you needed

The alpine guide’s new memoir gives readers an honest take on the highs and lows of parenting as a full-time climber

He’s a big fan of survival shows, and I have a hunch he’s trying to recreate one on our trips

Professional runner Lauren Fleshman’s memoir, a climbing survival story, a new Outside podcast, a sci-fi video game, and more

Being incarcerated at a young age taught the gear designer that we can move past our biggest mistakes—as long as we keep going

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Explore eastern Montana’s winter wonderland

After dreaming about performing the works of the acclaimed author for decades, Nick Offerman finally got his shot—and realized he wasn’t worthy

When the outdoor writer organized a long-distance bike trip for her struggling brother, she learned the value of sharing things that bring us joy

After retiring from sled dog racing to raise her children, she thought the adventurous part of her life was over. Then she learned to pilot a bush plane.

A run-in with law enforcement when he was a college student spurred the Native activist to build an organization around the idea that we have to show up for each other

Outside’s ethics guru weighs in on taxation without representation

I used to be the life of the party, but now I’m having trouble meeting people

Is it insomnia, or is it a tireless love for being awake?

Great news: you can now explore our entire network, taste-test everything, and easily share stories you love

Our difference in perspective is causing tension as we plan the next big adventure

Filmmakers have bigger budgets, smaller cameras, and new editing technology at their fingertips. They’ve also gotten better at telling nuanced stories.

Two Academy Award nominees, books of poetry and sound, Korean American cooking, and a learning app

Director Mikey Corker discusses his new adventure film, which is playing on Outside Watch now

When Leo Babler was born with a rare and deadly genetic disorder, his parents reshaped their lives, moving to the mountains, building out an adventure van, and making sure their son experienced the most beautiful wild places in the country during the time they had

This photo book gives women snowboarders their due

From a 1970s classic to a sinking ship blockbuster, a disaster-film superfan rates the six best ever

The lifestyle is physically dangerous for Black people and often financially and socially out of reach

What do you do when the mind wants to heal but the body has other ideas?

After more than a decade in the spotlight, the Hollywood star has a new HBO Max project, ‘The Climb,’ that lets him do what he loves most: scale gnarly cliffs alongside climbing icon Chris Sharma

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Katie Cahn is inspiring the new spirit of fly fishing

Eighties throwbacks, new Netflix series, a bird board game, and kids’ music that isn’t by Raffi

I want to add a storage unit, but he says it will sully the view

Photographer Olivia Bee spent last winter with mushing teams in western Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Alaska

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Famous for its rowdy buccaneer history that lives on today, Key West also offers plenty of outdoor adventures and chances to disconnect

Consider these our anti–New Year’s resolutions 

Epic tales of survival, a delightful dive into the experiences of animals, and everything in between

From the whimsical to the epic, these are our favorite stories of the year

In ‘Sacred: In Search of Meaning,’ renowned photographer Chris Rainier chronicles his decades-long journey exploring the world’s spiritual sites

Despite the frontier trope of the rugged individualist, getting help from strangers is actually the more common experience

From President Obama to Kevin Costner, celebs are lending their voices to outdoor documentaries. Who would you choose to narrate yours?

The polymath snowboarder has a new book about the art and philosophy of being in the mountains

In Utah, Christmas-tree lights are a very big deal. Meet the itinerant crew of climbers, river guides, ski bums, trekkers, and thru-hikers who work like super-elves to get ready for the year’s most beautiful holiday.

In that low moment when he realized his far-flung journey wasn’t going to be what he imagined, there was only one thing to do: let out the gas

A century of agriculture is threatening ancient aquifers in Oregon’s high desert. And the Indigenous farming practices that might heal the earth are being squeezed out.

The author and her 14-year-old daughter made a dramatic move into a 110-year-old cabin in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

A selection of recent titles to keep you warm by the fire 

The shredders, climbers, policy-makers, barrier breakers, and scientists who forever changed the way we view the world

Music inspired by birds, a volcano film for the big screen, a spiritual manifesto, and more

I know he means well, but I hate to see him waste money on something I'm not that into

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A fresh breed of adventure film tackles life’s biggest questions. We caught up with director Ben Sturgulewski to find out how he got snowboarders to think about Einstein.

The real story is weirder and sadder than what we saw in the film’s bonkers preview

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Respect for nature is just as important in winter as any other season

My friend is building a yurt and asked me to live with him, but I’ve always thought there might be something more between us

Or: what to do when arguing with strangers

He was born to a herd of wild horses on an island off Virginia and found his way into the heart of a little girl on the dusty trails of the Southwest.

We asked pro skiers Cody Townsend and Glen Plake which classic ski movies they could watch over and over again. Get ready to hunker down on the couch and revisit these throwback gems.

Traveling with a mix of people can lead to tension. Here’s how to defuse a tough situation.

When professional skier Rian Zetzer got the opportunity to stunt-double for Lindsay Lohan in a new Netflix movie, she jumped at the opportunity

The Covid-19 pandemic is a survival story—but instead of one human versus a wild animal or a snowy peak, it's all of us against one tiny virus.

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The key to staying energized? Eating and hydrating.