Hayes shows of a battle wound while on La Rambla.

Women on the Verge

The champions, trendsetters, and fighters reshaping the outside world

The Organizers

Never back down

She worked tirelessly with her husband to conserve one of the last wild places on earth. Since his tragic death, she's worked even harder.

The founder of Out There Adventures discovered power in nature while growing up gay. Now she's sharing it with the next generation—and taking the industry by storm.


The creator behind 'Afghan Cycles' and 'Catch It' is bringing new athlete role models to life on the big screen


High-altitude alpinist Masha Gordon says it's time women claimed more peaks, and she has a plan to make it happen


Salt Lake City’s Jackie Biskupski faces one of the most conservative congressional delegations in the country, but that’s not stopping her from trying to push her city into a future of clean air, renewable energy, and (hopefully) deep snow

In gyms around New York City, the Women's Strength Coalition is working to make the lifting community more inclusive

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is creating a dream team to save our oceans

The Athletes

Eat. Train. Win. Repeat.


Two weeks after Kathrine Switzer made headlines at Boston in 1967, 13-year-old Maureen Mancuso quietly shattered the women's world record. Few people noticed.

The first woman to ride Mavericks on her love-hate relationship with the sport, competing against other women, and why she never went pro

The female contingent at the infamous race was large and strong this year, despite terrible weather conditions

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At just 17 years old, Ashima is the best climber in the world. Even more improbable is the fact that she’s still (mostly) a normal teenager.

Sherpa women aren’t encouraged to climb mountains. But that wasn't going to stop Dawa Yangzum Sherpa, who grew up in a Himalayan village with no electricity or running water but knew that she would one day summit Mount Everest. At 21, she stood on top of the world and then started a new quest: to become the first woman from her country to earn mountaineering's most elite title—an IFMGA.

With back-to-back sends of 5.15-rated routes, the climber made history in 2017. And she's just getting started.


It’s hard to make a living from just one thing. The champion middle-distance runner, cofounder of Picky Bars, coach, and mother of two lets us in on how she juggles it all.

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Over the past few decades, Hilaree has established herself as one of the best ski mountaineers in the world. Even more impressive? She isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Dan Roe

Ten pro tips for reaching—and maintaining—peak performance


She's one of the world's best cyclists, and she has her routine dialed

Until recently, the Nike track star seemed destined for burnout. But last year in Boston, after a wave of disappointing races and a personal tragedy, she ran a record-shattering debut marathon. Will the new distance of 26.2 miles save her career?

The Opinions

Making ourselves heard

Jenny Bruso

And other things you should remember when you meet a plus-size hiker on the trail


The author started her career just trying to fit in with the (many, many) guys, but eventually came to realize she'd become as misogynistic as the worst of them

Former pro road rider Iris Slappendel founded the first labor union for women cyclists with one goal: getting team managers, sponsors, and riders to treat male and female cyclists with equal respect, 'cause that sure isn't happening now

Three years after the Camber CEO Pledge, outdoor companies still struggle to find and hire female leaders. The gap is slowly closing, but the lack of focus on hiring women of color is clearer than ever.

Mirna Valerio

Ultrarunner and author Mirna Valerio on the TransRockies Run, snags, and just some of the things her body is capable of


Ambreen Tariq started the Instagram @brownpeoplecamping to get people to rethink what being outdoorsy means


With so few women in ultrarunning, we should be doing everything we can to encourage female participation

History's heroines

Chronicles of Badass Women


Aimée Crocker sailed across the Pacific, narrowly escaped murder in the jungle, and trounced the sexist and racist norms of her day

Listening in

Conversations with Women on the Verge

The Olympic runner, poet, and filmmaker on how she does it all, with unmistakable style