What Brings Me Joy

In a time when people are more attached to their devices than ever, getting outside has never been more vital to our happiness and wellbeing.

Simple Pleasures


A surfer takes solace in the dark before the dawn

With summer here, we’re getting back into ambitious recreation, and that means a return to grit, sweat, and serious post-fun scrubbing. Cleanliness connoisseur Danielle Sepulveres explains how these wetdowns can create memories all their own.

With inflation on the rise, I scrapped plans for another long summer hike. On little daily walks through South Dakota’s Black Hills, I’ve rediscovered the surprise and delight of getting back to basics.

Trying to capture the essence of the season? Forget it. Just go running.

Few activities are more self-sufficiently satisfying


When you start a new sport, everything will be hard, perplexing, and intimidating. But your brain will be on fire.


As many trail-running events grow larger, more runners are gravitating toward smaller grassroots events with an intimate, personal feel

You can't beat the beauty of running on mountain trails, but I still sometimes long for the freedom and shared chaos of urban runs

Rebecca Worby

Some runners swear by their pump playlists, but I’d rather listen to a great book


Fitness comes and goes. Allow Glen Plake to make a case for prioritizing style—that elusive athletic skill that endures.


They're a connection to our wildest selves


From surf cams to Fat Bear Week, live nature feeds inspire adventure and offer a break from reality


It’s the perfect wilderness vehicle for children who are too small to get far on their own but too heavy to carry


Hot springs are a luxury, even though you're just sitting right there in the ground


Turning puppies into full-fledged dogsledding athletes is a tough endeavor, but all the hard work melts away on that first winter run

Annie Dillard

When it comes to the nature of attraction, the essayist and novelist—whose dozen books include "The Maytrees," about lifelong love on Cape Cod—has learned a thing or two. So when we asked her for some practical wisdom, she didn’t hesitate to dish out a little radical honesty.

Extra Grit Required

Leath Tonino

“I really did spend 16-plus hours covering fewer than three miles”

Even after a life-changing diagnosis, I can still experience the thrill of adventure

Eric Arce

Growing up as a Mexican American kid in an anti-immigrant environment, Eric Arce began a yearslong struggle with anxiety and depression. In this essay, he explains how biking has helped him.

When the outdoor writer organized a long-distance bike trip for her struggling brother, she learned the value of sharing things that bring us joy

Adam Roy

Some of you are thinking, Ewww, no way. But open your hearts to the truth: spiders are among the most fascinating creatures on earth, and great neighbors to boot (goodbye, mosquitos!). With climate change putting them in danger, they could use a few new friends.


During her college break, the author went all in on solitude—living alone on a Down East island and working for one of the area’s few female skippers. Luna Soley reflects on a time of loneliness, hard work, and natural beauty.

Man with baseball hat

Why a lifelong outdoor adventurer couldn't resist the siren song of fairways and greens


The messed up rugs, destroyed childhood mementos, and complicated travel plans? Completely worth it.

Cait Chock

Eighteen years ago, I was one of the best runners in the country, then a mysterious fatigue took that away. Now I’m learning to appreciate the running I still can do.