A dream shot over the iconic Superstition Mountains. When I saw it on the back of my camera I knew immediately it was the best lightning photo I’d ever taken.

Weather Tested

From the science of forecasting to the best apps for your smartphone, here’s our guide to navigating the crazy new world of weather


Make the Most of Any Weather


Reliable weather apps are crucial for summer adventure-planning, so we spent a month testing dozens to find the best ones


Don't let rain or snow keep you inside. Tips from pros on how to make the most of the wet seasons.

Jason Stevenson

Master all things meteorological with our expert primer on sun, wind, snow, and rain

True Stories

Conquering the Conditions

Ashley Lehman

Ashley Lehman is an ecologist for the U.S. Forest Service, based in Anchorage. She spends three months of the year hiking through humid, rainy jungle on various Pacific islands, measuring the health of the forest. In the process, Lehman told us how she has to watch out for saltwater crocodiles, poisonous trees, and unexploded World War II bombs.

Matt MacIsaac

Matt MacIsaac has been a motor vehicle operator on the maintenance staff at Death Valley National Park for 15 years. In summer, he works in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. For the unprepared, the heat can be deadly. We asked MacIsaac how he survives—and stays hydrated—working outside in the hottest place in America.

Art Woods

Since 2006, Art Woods, a marine biologist at the University of Montana, has made annual two-month trips to Antarctica to dive under the ice and study curiously large sea spiders. We asked him what it's like to do science when the ocean is freezing, the dives are deep, and there's only one hole to come up for air.

Don MacGorman

For almost 40 years, Don MacGorman has launched truck-sized data balloons into storms while enduring drenching rain and potentially lethal hail. For the National Severe Storms Laboratory physicist who literally wrote the book on lightning, it's all just another day's work.

Ryan Knapp

Ryan Knapp is a weather observer and meteorologist at the Mount Washington Weather Station in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Winters are windy, icy, and frigid. Summers aren't much better. We called him up to ask what it's like to be knocked down by wind and how he endures working in some of the world's worst weather.


Masters of the Storm


When Hurricane Sandy closed in on New York City, the Weather Channel dispatched (who else?) Jim Cantore. Nick Heil tagged along for a wet, wild adventure that quickly became something else—a survival challenge in the darkest hours of a killer storm.

Michael Behar

The Colorado skier puts out winter storm alerts that track the essentials: Where exactly the snow will fall, how much, and when. As fellow weather nerd Michael Behar finds out, it’s wonderful when it works.

Leath Tonino

The most perilous road in America gets 300 inches of snow a year, features 70 named avalanche paths, and has almost no guardrails. Who would be crazy enough to keep Colorado's infamous Highway 550 clear in winter? Leath Tonino hopped into the cab of a Mack snowplow truck to find out.


The Power of Nature

Mike Olbinski

Mike Olbinski is a photographer with an obsession—chasing storms throughout the southwest. It sounds crazy, but when you see his photos you'll understand.


Weather We Love


What ruins one man's day can transform another's


It's destructive, beautiful, and critical for our ecosystem

Joe Spring

Haboobs? Volcano lightning? Keep your hat on, the sky isn't falling just yet.