The Science of Grit

What’s the difference between overcoming hardship and succumbing to it? Grit.

Passion Meets Purpose


At the outer edges of endurance sports, something interesting is happening: women are beating men

Julian Smith

Over the past few years, McCastle has completed 5,804 pull-ups in a single day, pulled a 5,000-pound truck across the Mojave Desert, and climbed a rope the equivalent height of Mount Everest. How on earth has this Navy SEAL dropout accomplished some of the craziest physical feats in recent memory?

The military's toughest training challenges have a lot in common with outdoor sufferfests like the Barkley Marathons and the Leadville Trail 100: you have to be fit and motivated to make the starting line, but your mind and spirit are what carry you to the end. A Ranger graduate breaks down an ordeal that shapes some of the nation's finest soldiers.


The surfer lost her arm to a shark 15 years ago. If you think that’s slowed her down, you don’t know her story.

Four years ago, the Minnesota phenom won historic Olympic gold in cross-country skiing, alongside Kikkan Randall. She was just getting going.

When an elite cyclist attempts to ride a bike as far as possible in an hour, one thing is guaranteed: they will hurt like never before

Mental Toughness


A new study looks at the effect of subtle wording changes on the performance-boosting power of motivational self-talk


6 key perspectives I’ve learned from my favorite psychology books


A new model breaks down the ability to fight through adversity into its constituent parts

New research explores whether the performance-boosting effects of positive self-talk can be attributed to more than just the absence of negativity


To train athletes to truly push their limits, it helps to draw inspiration from the French social theorist Michel Foucault. Seriously.

Perseverance and Hope

J.R. Sullivan

A man wakes up on a muddy logging road in the middle of the mountains. His truck is dead. His phone is out of range. He’s got no food. How did he make it out?


The former soccer phenom was burnt out and angry. Then he started running every day, no matter what.


Five years ago, Thomas “Rivs” Puzey competed in the famed marathon’s elite field. This year, he was happy to be among the last to cross the finish line.