outdoor thanksgiving table

The Outside Guide to Thanksgiving

Whether you’re taking the holiday meal outdoors or need some recipe inspiration, we’ve got your Thanksgiving hosting needs covered

Tips For Hosting

Hank Shaw

Whether you bagged a bird in the field or at your local farmers’ market, here’s how to turn it into a spectacular meal

Sarah Glover

Baking your desserts and breads outdoors is not as intimidating as it sounds

Alleviate stress and free up space by using your grill as a second oven this holiday season

Whether you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly main or just want to switch things up, these meats will add some variety to your Thanksgiving meal


Have a feast, dine alfresco, and minimize your risk. Win-win-win.


It's easier than you think to make a campfire feast


If you like a perfectly cooked bird with minimal hassle, this is your grill


We’ve got the lowdown on the perfect fuel types for your menu. Plus, three recipes for your meal.

Drinks to Warm You Up

Once thought to be annoyingly trite, pumpkin beer has come into its own in recent years. Here are eight of our favorites.

Lauren Vespoli

Keeping warm never tasted so good

Whether you’re warming up after a day on the slopes or filling a flask for the pumpkin patch, we’ve got your drinking needs covered


Fill your thermos and bring these warm mixed drinks along for après-ski, socially distanced happy hours, and cold-weather tailgates


Two bourbon-heavy recipes to cure whatever ails you this winter.

Recipes to Impress

Sarah Glover

Baking this pie over the fire gives it a rich, smokey flavor

Don’t be intimidated by this bird within a bird: it’s usually made in a 196-square-foot galley kitchen, meaning that your home’s kitchen is probably up to the task

Baking this galette on the grill gives it a natural smoky flavor that’s perfect for fall

The trick to this recipe? Dehydrated pumpkin purée and vanilla powder.

This easy cinnamon-spiced apple skillet cobbler recipe comes together using just one bowl