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The Outside Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Running Goals

Everything you need to know about motivation, fulfillment, and achievement in this lifetime sport

Running 101

Ten tips to kick-start your fitness at the start of the new year

Don’t be confused by the diversity of running workouts. Learn the training zones they fit into, what type of fitness each zone builds, and how each feels.

If you only have a few minutes a week for strength work, do these exercises to improve running economy and reduce injuries.

Tips and examples on how to optimally schedule your runs throughout the week

Become a fitter, faster and more confident runner by adding these speed workouts with this simple 8-week plan.

9 keys for new runners to make your running more enjoyable, more effective, and more sustainable.

Author Susan Lacke confesses to the social anxiety of joining a group run, and why it is worth overcoming the fear.

Your long run pace depends on your running goals, what systems you're trying to improve, current fitness, and what you mean by long.

If you are a new runner, here is how to know you're running at the right pace.

Taking walk breaks during your runs is a proven method to go farther with less risk, whether you’re a beginner or an elite runner.

A great running stride isn’t learned by focusing on your footstrike or cadence, it develops as you improve your body’s strength and mobility.

Know that you could have gone farther or faster (or both).

Your Goal Guide

There’s more to running life than PRs and finishing placements. It’s time to chase a new goal.

What science says about setting meaningful, internally motivating, and satisfying goals that are exciting but not overwhelming.

3 Steps to make each run more meaningful and build mental skills while you train your body.

Today's lack of feedback and progress makes it hard to find flow. Here’s a plan to restore it.

A former elite competitor who keeps reviving his running — even at 81 with two artificial knees — provides guidelines for goals when returning from setbacks.

Discover and foster goals that spark passion, excitement, and daily enjoyment through these science-backed mindfulness strategies.

How creating adaptable goals can keep us in the focus of Flow during the heat of hard running.

Why and how to set and achieve weekly process goals that get you to your performance goals.

When Plan A goes out the window, knowing the ultra-realistic goal you can control will help you find Plan B and keep you on the road to success.

On taking it one step at a time to develop your inner champion.

10 Self-assessments every runner should be able to pass, plus the exercises that will get you there and make you a more athletic runner.

The no-excuses motivation of run streaking may be just what you need to up your running game.

Training Plans

Follow our 12-week, effort-based plans to achieve your half-marathon goals and have a great race experience

A training plan and general principles to guide your first foray into longer ultramarathons

Ready to go beyond the marathon? Check out this introductory guide to ultrarunning and a beginner’s training plan for tackling a 50K.

A six-week guide to workouts that build the specific strengths and skills you need to crush your next 5K or 10K

To run your fastest 5K you need to develop your endurance, muscles and race-specific speed. We'll show you how.

Start training now to run your fastest 5K in 10 weeks! Our downloadable plan details every day's workout toward your 5K PR.