Rethink everything you know about stretching, form, and even the way you think about training.

The Science of Running

Getting faster doesn't have to mean working harder.


Breaking down the latest research and what it means for every kind of runner


We can all get obsessive about our daily workouts. When does obsession turn to addiction?

Ian McMahan

The brain’s tolerance for pain may be the deciding factor in how far we can push ourselves



The somewhat simple answer to a popular question


Why Aussie athletes often turn to supplements when living high



Because there’s a lot more to running than lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement

Madeleine Carey

It turns out there's an entire field of science dedicated to studying how and why boobs move


Or why you should never, ever stop training

What's New

Different parts of our body seem to talk to and influence each other, even when they are far apart and—one might think—unconnected

Greg Melville

A new trend of group treadmill training is being modeled after the success of other machine-based cardio classes

Greg Melville

Virtual Runner is just one of an ever-growing list of apps aimed at improving indoor workouts through a virtual experience