A mountainous environment with green meadows

Run for the Planet

How can our running practice leave a lighter footprint? This Earth Day, Outside Run editors share their favorite articles at the intersection of running and ecological responsibility.


Astra Lincoln

Climate change is rendering some of our most beloved landscapes unrecognizable. How can awe and wonder cultivated on the trail help us navigate the earth’s transformation?

Molly Hanson

Here’s the environmental impact of a pair of sneakers, and a look at a few companies making the running shoe industry more sustainable.

Molly Hanson

Rising temperatures, extreme weather, degraded air quality, and ravaged ecosystems could hold catastrophic consequences for endurance sports.


A new study reveals that rising temperatures are having a real impact on marathon times.

Alex Tzelnic

The waste that comes from athletic gear and apparel is a structural problem, but individual actions still matter


Here’s what we know about the Mosquito Fire, how local communities are being affected, and what Western States 100 race organizers are doing to respond



Here are a handful of stellar eco-forward innovations that trail runners and race directors can add to their tool belts 

These plant-based and recycled-material running shoes are stylish, comfortable — and not ready to be your daily trainers.


I signed up for the On Cyclon subscription running-shoe service and get a perfectly clean new pair every three months


Molly Hanson

How some race organizers are making changes to become more sustainable, and 3 ways you can make a difference.

From wildfires to car traffic, all runners should be aware of the air quality before working up a sweat.