Making your own staples—things as simple as nut butters—can save tons of money (and taste better than store-bought anyway).

The Outside Guide to Food and Drink

What we eat and drink is so much more than just a meal, fuel, or an indulgence. That's why it's time to step up our gastronomic game. Whatever your rut—your meal planning is haphazard, your nutrition needs dialing, you're bored with what's on your plate—we've got intel on how to do it better.

Mix Things Up

Global Fuel Inspiration

Nick Pachelli

Power players from around the world don't subsist on oatmeal alone. We asked athletes to share the hometown dishes that are still part of their training diet.

Make It

Recipes That Work

Sarah Baird

Plus 5 store-bought staples that'll maximize your time and money


Because no one podiums at noon or tags a summit at dusk without a proper first meal.


Here's how world-class athletes do the trickiest meal of the day


It's your final chance of the day to recover from training and to prep muscles for tomorrow's adventure. Follow the lead of these eight athletes.


There's more to life than drinking smoothies after every run. Here are 10 great options to help you rebuild after tough workouts.


Your next recovery meal comes in a bowl of power ramen


The Ultimate Kitchen

This is your essential setup for daily meals, training recipes, and even the occasional dinner party

The Rules

Get the Most Out of Your Food


Our writer replaced all her protein with insects for a week to see how difficult, expensive, and tasty it can be. The result: a guide to the real-life, (mostly) non-gross-out logistics of being an insectivore.


Bottom line? Eat like an elite to maximize health and performance.


Best practices for a good buzz

Treat Yourself

Eat Bravely


Goodbye crazy binges, hello almond butter?