The Notecard Guide to Fitness

Everything you need to know about fitness should fit on a 3X5. We've explored just about every aspect of training and nutrition, but the truth is that health doesn't have to be complicated. Here's our best advice.

Train Hard

A strong back is key to just about every sport—and can help you out even when you're deskbound

Add these nine moves to your gym routine


In today's quick-fix culture, it's more important than ever to remember that a few simple lifestyle changes can transform your overall health

The post-exercise recovery trend has produced mountains of new research. But can you trust the results?

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Under Armour’s new underground race doesn’t have a starting line. It has four—and it’s breathing new life into running events.

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Thanks to an integrated microchip, Under Armour’s new HOVR smart shoes allow you to track your stats—without carrying another device

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Under Armour’s MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal apps do way more than track your steps and calories—they work together to make you a better athlete

Eat Well

A good diet is a balance of nutrition, flexibility, and giving your body what it needs


A new multi-study review finds no advantage to following a hydration plan compared to simply drinking when you feel like it

Old-school diets may have fallen out of favor, but diet messaging is still everywhere. Intuitive eating promises to help you drown it out.

Even bagels, pasta, and sweets deserve a place in your personal food pyramid

Chill Out


An expert's guide to sticking it out through pain and suffering

Rachael Schultz

We've got you covered from the start of your training to the moment the gun goes off


The science behind how logging lots and lots of miles fosters an unflappable demeanor—and how to get it yourself.