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Welcome to the New Era of Gear

The Innovators

After finishing the Appalachian Trail, I experienced severe pain in my lower right leg. Little did I know, toe socks and spacers would be my saving grace.

Jake Lah’s genius with aluminum poles has turned him into the wizard behind many of the world’s best outdoor shelters

The average woman in the U.S. is a size 16. Here are five gear companies that are actually making clothes for her.

A disruptive startup is poised to rewrite the definition of performance apparel

The Speedland SL:PDX might just change how runners think about their equipment

These three pairs of size-inclusive hiking pants stood up to all sorts of outdoorsing

Eddie Bauer’s award-winning Flyline outerwear was designed from the ground up for hard charging

Reserve’s Fillmore is a modest innovation with big potential to make life easier for cyclists

Meet the innovators and activists who are making their favorite sports more accessible to plus-size adventurers

The Bowhead Reach is designed to help those who can’t walk access mountain-bike trails

Meet the companies making rad products and empowering communities

From running blades to $16,000 handbikes, high-tech gear helped athletes shatter records in Tokyo

The gap between performance and style has never been wider—or has it?

MountainFlow Eco-Wax scored thousands of dollars from a powder-slaying investor on the reality-TV show

The brand's ethos signals a departure from an apparel industry that has been dominated by giant shoe companies. But can it stay true to the soul of the sport?

Sustainability First

Eco-conscious shopping is hard. Here’s what you need to know about the ten most common standards

From cork floors to wool insulation, here’s what you need to build out an environmentally responsible rig

Maintenance is easy with these eight items that won’t break the bank

Breathable, stink-free, and softer with wear. What's not to love?

The first Yulex wetsuits were expensive and stiff, but with more wetsuit makers adopting the technology, that’s changed

Some of the biggest brands will work together to pay for consumer battery recycling

Spoiler: it’s all about ditching single-use items

Pre-owned gear is easier on the planet and your bank account

Be cautious, but don't let small things scare you away from a deal

When an oil company targeted the North Face with a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign accusing the brand of hypocritical climate activism, it served as a reminder of the contentious—yet partially codependent—relationship between the outdoor and fossil fuel industries

Give well-loved clothes new life with this DIY sewing repair

At just $40, the bamboo Countertop Composter is a bargain and will keep you from sending food waste to landfills

Lots of big brands are shifting toward more sustainable gear, without harmful PFCs. But for the industry as a whole, change is slow.

Replacing your lawn with synthetic grass reduces maintenance, eliminates mud, and can make cleaning up after your dogs a breeze


The ski jacket has gotten a major makeover, but don’t worry—it still comes with the same retro design and its signature kangaroo front pocket

I own a men’s Fitz Roy puffy that doesn’t really fit and got damaged by hot grease during a campout. Here’s why it’s my most treasured clothing possession.

With a pair of Army SPECS and a little ingenuity, Pit Viper’s cofounders built a brand that nobody could have predicted

That brand-new 2021 model may be hard to come by these days, but the used bike market has endless inventory. Here’s why old bikes rule.

Long Live Brick and Mortar

The online gear-finding service offers all the expertise of a brick-and-mortar store without any of the awkwardness or humiliation

Whether with selection, expertise, or free beer, these are the brick-and-mortar stores doing it best

In the Northeast, you'll find many of the nation's oldest and most interesting gear shops—and some of its younger and most innovative

A look back at the inspiring history of one of the nation’s most iconic independent gear shops on the eve of its 50th anniversary

Should you leave your store unattended? One daring outdoor clothing brand says the practice has boosted trust—and sales.