The Never-Ending Summer Camp Story

Our guide to the most badass summer camps for grown-ups and their families

Dear Diary


We sent our correspondent deep undercover to explore the latest summer craze: camps tailored just for adults. Boozy slip-and-slide? Check. Excessive kickball celebrations? You betcha. It's all detailed in his letters from a nostalgic bacchanal.


There was something about Primland that made Emily Nunn see red—a lavish and expensive outdoor Xanadu situated near her beloved Virginia hometown. Then she went there and had... a pretty good time. Blame the trout stream and the 400-thread-count linens.

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Thanks to a new wave of purpose-built gear, we’re living in the golden age of drive-up camping

Get Out There

Who says summer camp is just for kids? We rounded up seven escapes made for grown-ups (and a few for their families), plus seven more to entertain the kids while the adults are at play.


You can set up your own, off-the-cuff version of summer camp in one of these stellar settings


Pitching a tent, healing a wound, and finding your way are about the most important things you can learn how to do. They're also the easiest.

Travel is one long introduction to the broadest of humanity. We aren’t perfect, but most members of our species are worth knowing. To meet those neighbors, follow these simple rules.


These nine essentials make camp life easier, all under $100

Around the Fire


Scientifically proven to contain the most nostalgic value, bug spray, and peanut-butter-dipped Oreos

Maren Horjus

A sneaky ghost is good. A real mystery backed up by history is even better.

Ted Trautman

We’ve evolved beyond croquet and badminton, and it’s time to start acting like it