The Definitive Guide to Adventure Photography

The images, pros, tips, and gear that inspire us

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The XR is essentially just as good as its pricier, more feature-rich sibling


Don't travel with your rig without these nine things


The latest from the original action-camera maker promises unparalleled image stabilization

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The difference between capturing good and great shots comes down to the smallest details

From scouting locations in advance to camping in the wilderness (and hearing strange noises in the night), to hiking in the pitch dark just before dawn, we follow along with filmmaker John Duncan on the series of mini adventures behind every great shot.


Turn your game up a notch with these easy-to-use tools


Tools to capture your most cinematic adventures


The filmmaker and photographer shares his wisdom on how to capture a great shot

Chris Burkard is writing a children’s book for young explorers, complete with unreal illustrations inspired by some of his most famous shots


One of the world’s most recognized adventure photographers is redefining life behind the lens

The Australian pro has a few tools she never leaves behind



I went to the adventure-camera company's Creator Summit in an effort to become a bona fide social-media star


Outside's social media manager shares her tips


Skiers Chris Davenport and Sierra Quitiquit log the first film footage of the Super C Couloir near Portillo, Chile

Watch as resident Instagram expert lays out his tips to make the most of the medium.


11 products that professional photographer Chris Brinlee Jr. keeps in his camera bag at all times


Our top travel and adventure photography of the year

To keep the small-run calendar project afloat, the photographer washed dishes in Argentine Patagonia and cleaned carpets in Yosemite Valley. But he never made money on it, and now he's decided it's finally time to call it quits.

Taking photos the old-fashioned way will make you better