Yes, you can mix work and adventure—if you play it right.

The Best Places to Work in the U.S.

Our ultimate guide to rebooting your career and finding a job you love


Your Dream Job

Ten case studies in switching careers, big-time


Seven people with the sweetest jobs around share their secrets on how they got the gig


OK, maybe a little work, but when you're having this much fun, it's hard to tell the difference. No matter where you are or where you've been, you can still tack in a new direction and do something you love—and make a living. Just ask these folks.


Who's got the time and energy to make a living, chase their dreams, and leave the world a better place? You do. Sure, it ain't easy. But we've found the tools, ideas, and inspiring examples to help you evolve into the fully balanced life-explorer you were meant to be.

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100 companies that believe the secret to success is empowering employees to live bigger, better lives.


Enlightened companies seek ambitious individuals who work hard, think big, and crave life-affirming careers, lunchtime bike rides, and soul-expanding travel


Just when we need it most, along comes a wave of enlightened companies that believe success starts with smiling employees.

How we picked them: First, with help from the Outdoor Industry Association, we got the word out to eligible applicants–nonprofit or for-profit companies with at least 15 employees working in the U.S. Our project partner, the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based research firm Best Companies Group (, then sent registered…

There are two choices when confronting the current chaos in the job market: Be afraid. (Useless.) Be bold. (That’s the spirit.) Because moments of turmoil present the biggest opportunities to take a new direction, to find an employer who gets your need for adventure, to finally break free of the cubicle. How We Picked…


Thirty companies outshined the rest in our first annual study of the nation's most well-balanced workplaces

Game Changers

The Career-Enlightened

It started with a salsa bowl, some cheap Australian sunglasses, and a little help from Kickstarter. Now, Sunski is making waves—and its founders are living the dream.


The GoPro founder on failure, finding a passion, and making your hardest-working decade count

Last spring, Bear Grylls walked away from one of the sweetest gigs in the adventure world. Was it career suicide? Or a savvy move by a born survivor?

The world needs Anderson Cooper. And vice versa. We go fork to fork with the CNN correspondent on how Outside kick-started his life, the perils of vacation, and how to make contact with a rebel group. (Hint: It's not like the bar scene in Star Wars.)

John Bradley

As the wisecracking host of the hit series Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe frolics in mud and trades in gross-out humor. But what started out as a gag has become a movement that's empowering Americans to rediscover our love of hard work—just when we need it most.


How do three guys who get paid to surf the world, shoot movies, and design sweet gear still make you want to pick up their tab?

Superstar chef Jamie Oliver became a hero in England by convincing his countrymen to eat better. Now he's on the case in the U.S. with Food Revolution, an ABC series in which he exposes the evils of processed fare, sends Americans back into the kitchen, and learns firsthand just how much we hate to change our recipes.

America's multiplatinum surf troubadour rides his dreams like a North Shore break. His secret? If you love what you do, life and work can both be a rip.

Eliza Griswold

Now’s your best chance to hold nothing back


Peter Metcalf, CEO of Black Diamond, on climbing, keeping your composure, and the nature of pain