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Indoor climbing could soon replace spin class as the urban professional’s sport of choice—and that has marketers salivating

For some of us, the human drive to explore, even though most of the earth's surface area has already been mapped, even though it's no longer necessary in order to obtain food and shelter, endures. And in an urban environment where many public spaces are not open for public use, this drive becomes the urban explorer's urge to infiltrate.


There is nature in our backyards and our parks; even the green strips running down big avenues like Broadway in New York City contain natural value. By recognizing that we can connect people to nature—and nature to people.


I am not sure which I remember better: the deafening noise or the tranquil silence.


Finding outdoor adventure in the Big Apple is easier than you think.


Luckily for you, these involve no slot machines—only glassy waters for paddling and natural playgrounds for climbing


Stay Fit in the City

Lauren Steele

Run, but not from the law.

Lauren Caselli

Unfortunately for cubicle club members everywhere, science says no. Despite the American Heart Association’s recommendation that adults get 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week, or 25 minutes of vigorous exercise three days a week, new research shows that your health depends…


Why you don’t need a PH.D. in fitness

Elise Craig

In a perfect world, we'd get plenty of both. But this is reality—and we have to choose. But can science really balance sleep against training?


Commute in Style

Berne Broudy

Your guide to looking fly on your morning ride.


Long popular in Europe, kid-hauling bikes with an electric assist are catching on stateside and opening up new roads for family adventure.


Winner: Via Dinarica, the Balkans. Runner-Up: The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.