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The 2015 Zero to Hero Project

Whatever daredevilry you aim to master, you can go from beginner to expert a lot faster than you think.

Gear Up

The Tech That'll Put You on the Podium

Michael Frank

Forget wearables. The secret buzzword this year is “invisibles."

Michael Frank

The power of the crowd will have more to do with the success of the device than the features it will have when it debuts.

Michael Frank

On the chairlift, in a kayak, at the crag, we’ve all dropped our phones. This handy tether prevents the device from hitting the deck.

Michael Frank

XensAir collects all of your data—airtime, speed, vert, distance and force—to help you become a better athlete.

Michael Frank

The sports brand is making savvy moves into the wearables market, surpassing misguided apparel giants with software plays. Is an overthrow imminent?

Michael Frank

You may be able to fool the Body Mass Index, but you can't hide from the electrical impulse.


Good for the conscience, great for the surf

Amanda Eggert

Print photos right from your smartphone


A portable sound system built for the demands of the outdoors

Get Psyched

Above-Average Editors

John Bradley

Beginners, we have a secret for you. You don't need high-end gear or a fancy training plan to get better at skiing, running, or climbing. All you have to do is embrace the embarrassment and the pain—and don't forget to laugh. Trust us: It'll be good for your brain.


...makes you stronger, smarter, healthier, and—let's face it—more interesting. Just ask research editor Ryan Krogh, who volunteered for a cage fight.


Whatever daredevilry you aim to master, you can go from zero to hero a lot faster than you think. Join our brave, bruised guinea pigs on their quests to prove that, with a little time and energy (and the right coach), any bum can be a badass.

Fuel Up

Eat Like a Champion


Because no one podiums at noon or tags a summit at dusk without a proper first meal.


The difference between hitting the summit and hitting the wall comes down to the fuel in your belly.

Mark Bittman

From paleo to gluten-free, fueling an active day is more confusing than ever. Until now. Simplify your options with long-time food columnist and bestselling author Mark Bittman’s delicious new plan.


Learn from Our Pain

Sometimes the best way to improve while learning a new sport is simply to embrace the embarrassment and laugh at yourself. Watch as our Online Editors learn from expert coaches and try to master rock climbing, skiing and running in our Zero to Hero series. …