We ski in jeans. And skip the wardrobe change when we’re done.

A jacket, a daypack, a water bottle, and some seat-back storage that we couldn't be more excited to test out

Products we love, from camping utensils to a revamped Patagonia cap, all costing less than 50 bucks

Including an easy-to-set-up tent, an ultralight camp chair, and a sleeping bag made almost completely from recycled materials

Your pops is a good man. Get him something that will last.

Gear that’s got you covered wherever you choose to send it

Perfect pits for your culinary exploits

A truly game-changing long-haul camper

Just because it was fun doesn't mean it was easy

We toured hundreds of impressive new models at this month's RV Experience event. These six stood out.

Caffeine addict? Me too. That's why I love this vessel.

Yes, we realize it's an ad, but we love it anyway

Chances are they'll outlive most of your other clothing

No Valium for me, just luggage that the airlines can't lose and fits everything I need

Trekking the span of the frigid southernmost continent alone and unaided demands durable equipment

Get-up-and-go capability with dress-up good looks

After several rounds of judging, this gear came out on top at last week's trade show

We don’t need no stinking sleeves

The already big-ticket stuff we love is about to get costlier under proposed new tariffs

Don’t let the StairMaster aesthetics fool you: this thing can move

We can’t help but get excited about this new featherweight jacket

The first-of-its-kind approach shoe returns in spring 2019

After two weeks, I learned something: I'd do it again

Slip-ons and lace-ups for your soggiest adventures

VIP style and comfort, even in the cheap seats

With the X, the company refreshes its flagship device

The new collection is durable and ready to haul, with an emphasis on comfort and easy access

If you don't already own a vest, check this one out

Falling hard for a futuristic shelter

The next phase of FKT-worthy custom gear puts consumers in the design chair

Work your project from the ground up

Performance snacks get a natural makeover. (AlpineAire) AlpineAire Guacamole Thanks to the geniuses at Alpine-Aire, guac is no longer a luxury reserved for glamping with a well-stocked cooler—it’s a trail-ready hors d’oeuvre you’ve earned after hiking miles in the backcountry. Just add water to the 1.4-ounce package, filled with freeze-dried avocado, onion, and serrano…

Snacks to keep the engine running all day.

Thanks to advances in materials, quality doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg

Numbers-obsessed fans are reinventing fantasy sports for the skiing, surfing, and fly-fishing set

Lighter, softer, and more stylish than we thought possible for a performance top

Shark Week host Paul de Gelder lays out some techniques for finding your happy place around some of the planet’s oldest predators

This month, German Freya Hoffmeister became the first kayaker to circumnavigate the continent, paddling through everything from gale-force winds to ship-clogged canals.

Volcanic activity in and around Patagonia could mean clogged streams and animal deaths, but experts say the region should bounce back quickly.

Arrive prepared no matter where the trail takes you.

These cameras have survived 10,000-foot drops out of planes and spent months underwater unscathed. How do they do it?

Combined ski areas would create the largest resort in California

The rugby shirt is making a comeback.

Allows skiers to bank unused days and apply them to the next season

You favorite supplements—now available in powder form

Changes spurred by last year's tragic avalanche

Notorious organizer reportedly didn't apply for permits

Photographed himself doing illegal activities in the park

Whales allegedly kept in rusty cages and abused

Last week, a judge ordered homeowners to remove their controversial hut from a Washington ridge. Why? To protect the view.

Crash systems violate skier equipment codes

Graffiti tagger posted photos to social media

Pollution nearly 14 times the healthy limit

Yes, he's still the king of surfing

Marketing stunt turns shoppers into climbers

Terrorism, disease, food and water shortages could worsen

Tourism revenue outweighs profits from poaching

Calls for stricter penalties for athletes who dope

Explorer stands by claim that he has found the Santa Maria

Daredevil adds new risk to walk between skyscrapers

Would help track drunk and lost visitors

Players to wear cameras beginning this season

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