Even in urban settings, there's potentially super-nutritious, super-cheap food growing right out of the cracks in the sidewalk. In an excerpt from his book, 'Unseen City,' Nathanael Johnson asks if it's possible to utilize it safely—and deliciously

What's to love in 2006? How about 100 of the most newsworthy athletes, products, gadgets, bold ideas, and badass feats? From Lance's remarkable retirement (you try raising $500,000 for charity in one night) to a cell phone that logs your training run (and tells you where to turn) to a 33-item gift guide (check out Oakley's Bluetooth shades), here ar

Two kayakers, five continents, and one biodiesel-burning fire truck

There's no substitute for the natural world, but engineers are catching up. Ten years ago, an indoor climbing wall turned heads; now developers are mimicking mountains, rivers, and oceans. As urban centers swell, so do the latest man-made achievements.