We look back at the storied career of the world-famous surfer, who just announced his retirement

The founder of 'Surfer" magazine passed away earlier this week at age 83. Matt Warshaw chronicles his impact on the sport's media.

The North Shore local brought a self-effacing attitude to pro surfing that reminded everyone close to him what riding waves is really all about

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It takes a particular kind of crazy to ride a 75-foot mountain of water—unless you’re Greg Long, a calm, well-adjusted dude who geeks out on his laptop and approaches surfing like he’s playing chess. Meet the oddly normal champion of big waves.

Every winter, the Pacific stirs up massive ocean swells that descend on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. For 50 years, the surf world has followed suit, coming together to crown their champions, celebrate a sport many consider a religion, and ride some of the biggest waves on the planet. Welcome to the North Shore.