In his new book, Mark Synnott offers a personal history of climbing, including a tense but revealing expedition to Pakistan with legendary climber Alex Lowe

In the age of DIY filmmaking and featherweight satellite modems, capturing the action—and uploading it ASAP—is just as important as nailing the summit. Nobody does it better than Jimmy Chin and the climber-producers of Camp 4 Collective. Last November, the author recruited them for an assault on the sandstone spires of Chad's Ennedi desert.

On a deadly route in Patagonia, two hotshot climbers seek truth—and the summit

Only on this remote North Atlantic island do you find such glorious quirks as tolting ponies and entire villages of sleep-deprived puffin chasers

Backpacking's Upright Evolution

Forget the Yosemite circus. Head north to Bugaboo Provincial Park, a fortress of world-class granite in a quiet corner of British Columbia.