Stay dry and organized. Look good.

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A lunchbox that comes with an app to help you eat better

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The newest way to capture your exploits in high-def, 360-degree video

This company takes your GPS route and turns it into a three-dimensional sculpture

Sleek, nearly indestructible, and theft-proof

An electric speedboat made for hosting dinner parties

A versatile ride for ripping singletrack or pedaling to work

It’ll roll over nearly anything and doubles as a boat

Think: A Gore-Tex jacket for your favorite hammock

Thirty-six powerful fans will keep you off the ground for up to 12 minutes

Next time you’re at a party, ditch the red plastic cup for this bad-ass drinking vessel

An off-the-grid structure in New Mexico that snaps to together like a set of Legos

Some people hang paintings to decorate their houses. Others display their bikes.

A credit-card holder that doubles as a clever multitool

A good-looking whip made specifically for hauling beer

This van comes stock with everything you need for the ultimate surf trip

A special collab trailer made to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the national parks

An electric California cruiser that’s certain to turn heads on the boardwalk

Who needs a submarine when you can have this $600,000 dive suit instead?

A commuter so light it wouldn’t qualify for the Tour de France

Designed to make the smoothest cup of joe you’ve ever tasted

Yet another reason to want one of these classic cars

It’s a bed, in a tiny boat, on the water

Complete with an electric motor (you'll need it to move the 70-pound machine) and a 10-inch front tire

The U.S. government just created our dream house and car

A (relatively) affordable pro-level Red camera

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Say hello to the world's newest adventuremobile

A 22-foot-long ark to weather nature's biggest storms

Your morning commute just got a lot easier

The brightest, most advanced camping light on the planet is totally overkill. But it's awesome.

A car, bike trailer, and mechanic’s garage built into one little Civic

Why drive when you can pedal?

Power your phone and feel better about yourself with this human-powered machine

What's the price of extreme versatility and ruggedness? $119,000!?

Fishy shoes for six Franklins

The doghouse for owners with refined architectural taste—and a spare grand

Why use matches when you can use a mini flamethrower?

The JLTV has the ballistic protection of a small tank and can withstand the under-belly blasts that destroyed many of its predecessors. Oh yeah, it also has a top speed of over 100 miles per hour.