A new documentary takes on the snowboarding revolution—and launches one of its own

NEED NEW INCENTIVES TO STAY IN SHAPE? How about gunfights, acrobatics, and international espionage? Spy School, a new fitness program from the Los Angeles–based gym Absolution (, offers a custom menu of health and “adrenaline management” courses designed to turn you into the next Mr. or Mrs.

The growing mob at surfing's premier big wave has tow-in veterans fearing for their lives

From 1996 to 2004, the U.S. Postal Service pro cycling squad, a.k.a. Lance's team, was a veritable Harvard Business School for ascendant cyclists. As lieutenants and workhorses for Armstrong during his six straight Tour victories, these tenacious students learned the tactics, training, and focus it takes to win cycling's biggest competitions. Here's the lowdown