What clothing do you recommend for hiking in hot weather? From time to time I've heard that light cotton or hemp clothes are, in fact, the coolest choice for hiking in high temperatures. Ted Great Falls, Montana

I find mummy bags to be really confining. I understand the point, of course, but I'm a side sleeper, and I like to lay "can-opener-style." (You know, with one leg pulled up and the other straight.) Can this question get any more awkward? Anyway, do you have any suggestions for sleeping bags that are a little less crped but would still keep me warm from April to mid-October in the Colorado Rockies? Sarah Boulder, Colorado

My buddy and I are planning a mega-hike down one of Colorado’s mid-length trails during summer 2009. What type of preparation and equipment will we need for a 250-mile hike? What about an overnighter that I'll be doing later this summer? Jason Pace, Florida

I’m doing research this summer in Pana, which means hot, humid, and often wet conditions (including wading around in water and mud). Can you recommend the best lightweight, fast drying, and somewhat bug-proof women's clothing? Lot of pockets would be helpful as well. Kristy Gonyer, Portland

I cycle long distances, run, backpack, use my bike trainer, etc. And I’d like some type of GPS that has it all so that I don’t have to use three or four different tools. I want something that can map a route whether I’m on my bike or hiking around Mt. Rainier. I want something that will show my cadence, heart rate, miles, elevation, average speed, and time, play my music, and set up tent (OK, not that last thing). Can you suggest a tool that does it all? Rich Spanaway, Washington

I took a nasty 300 foot slide on a hard-packed, black diond slope after slipping while snowboarding. On the way down I intersected with a tree and have lived to tell the tale. I would like some advice on an ice axe or smaller device that I could use to stop myself in the next hair-losing slide like that. Any ideas? Kirk Olivehurst, California

I hiking the West Coast Trail this June, which is typically a rainy season for the trail. What would you recommend for a good set of backpacking pants that can fend off at least a couple days worth of rain? Reagen Calgary, Alberta

I've run one ultrarathon and looking to do a few more this year. What are the best and lightest trail shoes on the market? I tried the North Face Arnuva 50 Boa, but I'd like to hear about some lighter choices. Thanks! Alex Iowa City, Iowa

I’m looking for a modestly priced, general-purpose running snowshoe. I’ll take a few ups and downs, but will mostly stick to groomed trails or four to eight inches of semi-packed snow. Any ideas? David Erda, Utah

I'm planning a summer ascent of Mount Shasta and want to know what you recommend for a backpack and sleeping bag. Is a zero-degree bag warm enough? I lean toward being a cold sleeper and prefer synthetic. I was told by the guide service to have a 4,500-cubic-inch pack. But I’m a petite woman, so isn't that a bit large? Julie Aliso Viejo, California

I am considering a serious cycling trip across Europe, and I’m set on getting a road bike for it. But I’m having an equipment quandary. I won’t need much, but how do I carry things like a sleeping bag? I don’t want to carry a pack on my back. What do you suggest?

I about to take on a few mountaineering trips involving Mount Rainier, Mount Shasta, and some of the Colorado 14ers. What is your recommendation for decent pants that are waterproof and breathable and will hold up to wearing a harness for an extended period of time? E.J. Dallas, Texas

I hope you can settle a disagreement between my wife and me. We’re going on a five-day trek to Machu Picchu along the Cino Salcantay carrying day packs only. My wife has a pair of 10-year-old Vasque boots that she insists are adequate but don't look very substantial to me. Any suggestion as to what boots she should be wearing on this hike? David Palm City, Florida

I’m an alpine skier but would like to bomb through the fresh Iowa powder (when we get it) on cross-country skis. I prefer skis that are for off-trail but that can also take some turns down the gullies. Any recommendations? Steve Iowa City, Iowa

I get all kinds of different advice on how to care for my gear. Normal detergent, hi-tech fabric cleaners, and spray-on or wash-in waterproofing make my head spin. Can you clarify how to best take care of soft-shell and hard-shell fabrics? Gudni Reykjavik, Iceland

Have you tried the Aquira Frontier water filter yet? Also, what's the best way, that isn't too expensive or heavy, to treat water while backpacking? Claudia Asheville, North Carolina

I'm attending a Himalayan Mountaineering Course in Nepal next month, and ski goggles are recommended on the gear list. I’ve always relied on my Julbo sunglasses. What are the merits of goggles, and can you recommend a type? Paul Perth, Western Australia

What’s the best three-season, ultra-light tent for Rocky Mountain backpacking? I've looked at the The North Face Vario 23, MSR Hubba Hubba, and Marmot Aura 2P. Gabe Montana

I’m walking the Seattle Breast Cancer 3-Day this fall and want to buy a small pack for the event. I’ll walk 20 miles a day and will need to carry a few essentials, including water. Got anything in pink? Joy Cottage Grove, Oregon

I walking the Cino in Northern Spain at the beginning of April and will be staying in hostels. Can you please to recommend the lightest sleeping bag that is sufficiently warm for this time of year? Kate Faversh, Kent

My husband and I are looking for a good kayak. For now, we’ll be lake kayaking/camping in Arizona. Then, we are moving to Kauai, Hawaii, in 3–5 years and want to go in the ocean. Is there a "dual-purpose" kayak we can buy? Kathy Chandler, Arizona

I'm going on a trek through the Indian Himalayas near Darjeeling in early March, and don't know what, or how much, to bring. We’ll spend several days hiking between villages in moderately cool weather. What should I bring, and are iodine tablets sufficient to make the water safe? Chris Cincinnati, Ohio

My wife and I will be hiking the Inca Trail in April, and I would appreciate your opinion about appropriate raingear. We’d want something waterproof-breathable, right? Ed Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

I looking for a real backpack, with a useful hip belt, that will also fit the dimensions for airline carry-on. Since European commuters are somewhat more restrictive about that, I would prefer something in the 21"x14"x7" neighborhood. Can you make a suggestion? Don Denver, Colorado

My son and I winter cp, and we want to buy a new tent that will last many years and survive his solo trip to Alaska. Would you recommend the Hilleberg brand? Van Sioux Falls, South Dakota

My son is headed to New Zealand for the spring semester. Things sure have changed since I went to college! He will have some time to backpack, and he’s not sure if a canister or white-gas stove will be easier to travel with and refuel. We have been eying the Vargo Jet-ti. What do you think? Mike Front Royal, Virginia

I looking for a warm belay jacket for ice climbing and have considered the Patagonia DAS or the Wild Things Belay Jacket. Would the Polarguard 3D (in the DAS) be more durable over time and keep its loft more so than the Primaloft (in the Wild Things jacket)? Rich Athens, Georgia

In terms of rain jackets, which waterproof-breathable fabric is more breathable: eVent, Gore-Tex Pro Shell, H2No (Patagonia), or Dry Light Tec (MontBell)? Chris Mission, Kansas

Certain popular boots, such as the Vasque Skywalk, are called "Mid-weight backpacking boots." What does this specification mean? If my proportions are fairly average, how big of a pack can I wear with a mid-weight backpacking boot? Arthur New York, New York

What is the most appropriate base-layer system for winter backpacking? Under Armour’s compression-fit garments seem great for moving along the trail, but they’re perhaps not good for sleeping or insulating. Do I need a set of base layers for daytime hiking and a different set for nighttime? Doug West Chester, Pennsylvania

When should I retire my whitewater kayaking helmet? I have a Pro-Tec full cut that is old enough to vote in some states. I've never taken a serious thump while wearing it, which gives it some talismanic value. But even the best things don't last forever, so I'm probably due for a new hat. Any recommendations? Kelly Sanders, Oregon

I’m hiking Kilimanjaro next August, and I need a lightweight and highly functional daypack (for a woman). Porters will carry everything else. What’s your pick? J.C. Palo Alto, California

I was at a watch store today with the intention of buying a Suunto Vector for my backpacking trips. At the store they also had a St. Moritz Momentum VS-1. I've never heard of St. Moritz before, but the clerk told me it was a good company. What do you think of these two watches? Bryan Los Angeles, California

I'd like to get my 17-year-old daughter (5’3”) a pair of downhill skis. She's an excellent skier, more graceful than aggressive. Can you recommend something? Also, is there a website where I could find her a good used pair for less money? Jane Larchmont, New York

I a long-time snowboarder but have recently started telemark skiing as well. Based on the holes in my snowboard pants, they’re not designed for the stresses of telemark. What pants do you recommend instead? Chris Seattle, Washington

I noticed that Sierra Designs rates its tent-floor waterproofing at 165 psi, while Mountain Hardwear rates its tents at 5,000 mm. Which of these two fabrics is the most waterproof? And why the different rating method? Grant Birmingh, Alabama

I need a complete setup for cross-country skiing (boots, poles, and bindings). I'll primarily ski on groomed trails, but I'd like the ability to ski off groomed trails occasionally. Could you recommend a package for me? Zenon Hartford, Connecticut

I’m a year-round bike commuter and errand runner (this summer I made a tank of gas last four months). However, the arrival of my son has altered my lifestyle. How old does he have to be before he can ride in a trailer? And which trailer do you recommend? I'd like it to convert to a stroller relatively easily. Also, we’d like a double in case we are lucky enough to adopt a second child. Either that or just to accommodate enough groceries. Karin Mountain View, California

I'm a student on a budget. Every weekend I go snowboarding and figure I may as well sleep outside to save money, plus I like the outdoors. The Outdoor Research Aurora Bivy combined with a Coleman Tasman XO Hybrid seems like it would work. Would this be suitable for sleeping outdoors around Whistler B.C. and similar locations? Chris Vancouver, British Columbia

My son is a Geology major and is going on seven-week, field-study trip in Montana this summer. I saw the Bushnell outdoor camera and wondering what you know about it. My son is always climbing some mountain or going caving, so he needs a durable camera. Nicole Snellville, Georgia

I'm looking for a tent that can do it all. I’ll be in New Zealand in July (their winter) biking around the North Island. I also really like to backpack here in Oregon. Which tent will work for both pursuits? Zach La Grande, Oregon

To put it simply, I want one boot to rule them all. Is there a single pair that works for mountaineering, splitboarding, and AT skiing? Or should I pull out a second mortgage on my house and buy three new pairs of sport-specific boots? Matthew Tacoma, Washington

I’m an intermediate skier who hasn’t skied much in the past seven years. I ready to go now, but my skis are out of style. I’m five-foot, eight-inches tall and about 180 pounds. What length ski do I need, and what kind of boots are out there now? Donna Basalt, Colorado

I ride in the land of skinny tires and shiny legs. Unfortunately, my skinny tires are shouldering the load of a 220-pound guy and have more than their share of flats. A friend suggested buying a CO2 inflator to speed up tube changes. What should I look for? And can you overinflate a tube to the point you blow out the sidewall of a tire? Larry Long Beach, California

I just read that Vancouver-based Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) has pulled all polycarbonate water bottles from its shelves due to safety concerns of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA). Should I be worried? With a retailer of that magnitude deciding to no longer sell polycarbonate bottles, it makes quite a statement. Brian Columbus, Ohio

I desperate to find a pair of good winter runners suited for Canada’s extreme winter conditions. I went out yesterday and wore one pair of heavy wool socks, put plastic bags over them, and stuffed them in my runners. After half an hour they were cold, then they hurt, and then, thankfully, I did not feel them any more. Got any recommendations? Edie Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

I understand the MSR Reactor stove has an internal pressure regulator, but do you think this stove will perform in very cold temperatures (-10F and colder) or at high altitude (above 10,000 feet)? Justin Tacoma, Washington

I'm after a ccorder to film snowboarding flicks and don't have a clue what to buy. HDD, MiniDV, DVD? What is your opinion? S

I a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, currently stationed at Cp Barrett, Quantico, VA. My 299 fellow lieutenants and I will be enjoying five more months of training here, a majority of which is spent out in the field. Currently I wear mainly issued gear, and I would really appreciate your input on the following: good cold-weather boot socks, gloves that allow us full use of our fingers for fine motor skills, and thin insulating base layers. Also, any leads on good chemical packet handwarmers? Suel Quantico, Virginia

I need a GPS system for the Coast to Coast Walk in England. I know nothing about them, but get the impression they operate only within specific areas. Can I purchase one here in Canada to use in the U.K. and Europe? Hilary Edmonton, Alberta

What camera can take the abuse of an Everest expedition and a 10-foot dive at the local snorkeling spot? I would prefer a digital (maybe even a digital SLR). Osvaldo Mii, Florida

I bought the Arc'teryx Theta AR, but returned it because, for that kind of money, I hoped it would have a thin liner or just be slightly more substantial in warmth. I’m now thinking about the Arc'teryx Gma MX Hoody. I'm not traversing the Alps, but since I will be outside in the winter months when it rains (and that's usually everyday!), I want something of high quality. Any ideas? Scott Eugene, Oregon

I’m curious if layering sleeping bags is an effective way to turn a three-season bag into a four-season bag. I currently own a Marmot Arroyo, and I wonder if tucking a Feathered Friends Hummingbird or Lark inside of it would do the trick for snow camping, paired with a four-season tent. I know you have both the Marmot Arroyo and a FF Swallow…care to head out into the Cascades and let me know? Nicholas Seattle, Washington

I’m looking for a weekend bag that will hold a two-person tent, sleeping bag, and a little food and clothes. I have a Mmut Direct 28 daypack and love the airflow on my back. Is there a weekend backpack with a similar design and comfort level? You're the best. Thanks. Jason Chattanooga, Tennessee

I'm thinking about getting a pair of snowshoes, and I noticed a lot of them have weight restrictions. I'm a big guy, and I thought you might provide recommendations for snowshoes to accommodate my weight. Phil Seattle, Washington

I want an alpine touring boot that will allow me to climb, hike, and ski without trashing my feet. I can live with weaker downhill performance as long as I can spend multiple weeks on long traverses without being in serious pain. Are AT boot manufacturers figuring out a way to build a boot for the long traverse that has the forgiveness of, say, Scarpa's T2? Tony Vancouver, British Columbia

Can you recommend a good mountaineering boot for women (specifically for those of us with small, like size five, feet)? I have seen debates about plastic boots and double boots. What will the guru say? Jing Boston, Massachusetts

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Are there any outfitters that still manufacture their products in the USA? Do any produce items based on the principles of fair trade or with recycle or natural materials? I’m trying to find a good winter jacket with these pareters in mind, but it seems that it is not so common. Yoni New York, New York

Do really large (6,000 to 7,000 cubic inch) external-fre backpacks still exist? If so, where can I find one? Lovett Statesboro, Georgia

I have a Marmot EOS 1 tent that I love for three-season camping in Colorado. I would like to use the EOS occasionally for winter camping, but I wonder how well the EOS would protect me from blowing snow. Would it be a wise investment for me to purchase a bivy to use inside my EOS for those few times I may camp in the winter? Sherry Parker, Colorado

Do mid-height, fabric-and-leather boots offer any protection from rattlesnake bites? It gets very warm in the Gila and fabric is much more comfy than all-leather. Hal Las Cruces, New Mexico

When I’m hiking, I sweat, to put it delicately, with the regularity of Old Faithful and with the intensity of Niagara Falls. What do you recommend in the way of a wicking base layer and a lightweight breathable jacket for fall hiking? Or perhaps you know of a DVD I can watch of someone else hiking (sweat-free). Meir New York, New York

I'm in the market for a new snow shovel and debating between a collapsible and a removable handle. Any suggestions? And what is the best/easiest way to pack it in the Black Diond Covert 22 Bag w/Avalung? Seth New York, New York

Last year, when skiing above tree line at Fernie, my ski goggles were practically useless as I was stymied by fog and snow. Do you have any suggestions? Are polarized lenses of any use? Nicholas Westmount, Quebec

Are there climbing pants out there that are rugged and stretchy, and that actually make wearing the harness more comfortable? I’d appreciate any suggestions to make a long day of climbing more enjoyable. Tony Montreal, Quebec

What would work better for “predicting” sudden weather changes in the mountains: a cheap weather radio, or an all-in-one watch like the Suunto Core? I'm not sure if the weather radio will work in the mountains. On the other hand, the watch is pretty expensive. Steve Redmond, Washington

I just starting to mountain bike, and I have no idea how to find the right bike for me. I don’t do hardcore trails, and I know that I want a hardtail. I have been looking at Marin bikes such as the Palisades and Juniper, but my preferred price is around $550. Have any suggestions? John Auburn, Alabama

I'm traveling to Oz for six months and need to buy a wheeled bag that converts into a backpack if needed. Can you suggest anything? Lisa Cardiff, Wales

I'm looking for the perfect trail running jacket: soft shell to eliminate the noise of nylon, breathable so I don't overheat, and resistant to light rain and wind. I chasing a unicorn, or does such a beast exist? Blake Lexington, Kentucky

I went camping in the Adirondacks recently, and my sleeping bag—which once seemed comfortably roomy—had mysteriously become pretty tight. It must have shrunk in storage; weird, huh? In any case, who makes a good synthetic, roomy bag for middle-aged people in the 15 to 20 degree range? John New York, New York

I recently saw an ad for a pair of $450 Vanguard USA binoculars that claim they are as good as Bushnell Elite, which goes for more than $900. The Vanguard’s even have a lifetime warranty. Is this too good to be true? Jim Grosse Pointe, Michigan

I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive tent for winter camping. I’ve seen some tents advertised for three-and-a-half-season use, but I'm not exactly sure what this means. What is the difference between a three-and-a-half-season tent and a four-season tent? Michael Poynette, Wisconsin

On road trips to remote places, other than a set of jumper cables and a quart of motor oil, what else do I need to keep in the car in the event of a mishap? In other words, what are the essentials for road safety/survival? Jeff Los Angeles, California

I try to keep my backpack light, so for water purification (in Washington’s Cascade Mountains), I carry just a vial of household bleach and use two drops per quart of drinking water. I have never had any problems, but I have a cast iron stomach anyway. What do you think? Doug Tacoma, Washington

Your Gearness, I keep seeing reviews for sub-5,000 cubic inch packs. Some of us get to wander the wilderness packing extra for the family or scouts, and we need bigger packs. What can you recommend for comfortably carrying 40 to 60 pounds in our beautiful mountains? Andrew Lehi, Utah

I’m an avid curler in desperate need of pants to wear on the curling rink. They must have a bit of stretch, and breathability is an issue, too. Curling is harder work than meets the eye, particularly when sweeping vigorously. I understand that you probably don't get too many curling questions, but perhaps you are aware of a suitable product from another sport. David Westmount, Quebec

What is the best protection if a mountain lion is encountered on a hike? They have been spotted in our area, and we love to hike in our local wilderness park. Susan La Crescenta, California

My husband and I are going to Peru for our 50th anniversary. We will be adventuring in the Amazon rainforest, and I’m wondering what kind of supportive footwear I can use on the wet, slick trails. Also, what rainwear would protect against torrential rain, yet not be too hot in the jungle? Judy Reeds Spring, Missouri

I moving to Barrow, Alaska, and want to make sure I’m prepared for the cold. I have a thermal lined Carhartt coat. Is this sufficient, or should I buy a new parka? i Ann Arbor, Michigan