This gold-standard shell holds its own come wind, rain, snow, or shine—and plays well with others

I am looking for a reasonably priced heart rate monitor/watch that tracks calories burned. It should also be able survive water sports, like stand-up paddling, swimming, and flatwater kayaking.

It’s summer, and time to run. What are some good trail runners for warm summer days?

We're going for an epic, cross-country road trip. Weight isn’t an issue, so we're excited to load up on gear that we normally wouldn't have in the backcountry. What are three pieces of gear that you think really make for a great car-camping trip?

I'm ready to start paddling more seriously. What boat should I buy?

I'm upping my distance, but every additional mile seems to make it harder to bounce back. What tools will help speed my recovery from a hard run?

There are dozens of hydration packs out there. Which ones are best for specific activities, such as mountain biking, running marathons, or a weekend hike?

I'm in the market for a small, light backpacking tent that won't break the bank.

I bike a lot. Between my sweat and the sun, I wonder—how long does a helmet last? If it's time for a new lid, what do I buy?

I bike a lot. Between my sweat and the sun, I wonder—how long does a helmet last? If it's time for a new lid, what do I buy?

I bike a lot. Between my sweat and the sun, I wonder—how long does a helmet last? If it's time for a new lid, what do I buy?

I bike a lot. Between my sweat and the sun, I wonder—how long does a helmet last? Is there something I can do to extend its life? If it is time for a new lid, what do I buy?

What if you are backpacking or camping, and are confronted by a fast-moving wildfire? What should you do? What should you carry?

There's been a lot of coverage of the this year's climbing season on Everest, and I'm curious as to what day-to-day life is like at the roof of the world. What are the basic necessities?

I'm a proud owner of a new 800-fill down sleeping bag. I want to make sure it stays clean and warm for years to come. What should I do?

What's the best leash for running with my dog? I run on a mix of trails and roads, which means I end up carrying the leash quite a bit.

In general, sunscreen is “water-resistant” if it continues reducing SPF exposure after 40 minutes in the water. To be considered “waterproof,” the bar goes up. The product has to retain its rated SPF factor for 80 minutes in the water. So you could go to the beach or river, hop…

I'm looking for good mixed-use rain pants for hiking, camping, and occasional cycling. I'm size large, but I can't find anything with a short-enough inseam. What do you recommend?

I'm moving to Puerto Rico and I need hiking boots to match the climate and terrain. Since I've got narrow feet, I've been considering the Vasque Breeze or Wasatch. What do you think?

I'm burned out on pasta and trail mix. What easy-to-make food should I take backpacking this summer?

I’m looking for new binoculars for hiking and climbing. I want some optical power, but they can't be too big or heavy. What do you suggest?

I work outdoors in some serious deer tick habitat. I saw that Outdoor Research makes the pre-treated BugOut gaiters. Do your recommend them, or do you have any other suggestions for staying tick free?

My wife and I are taking our two teenage kids on a trip to Europe. We'll be traveling for 15 days and to avoid hassle, we’ve decided to carry only backpacks. How do I choose the right packs?

I recently purchased a pair of hiking boots online, only to discover that they make my feet blister and hurt. How can I make sure my hiking boots fit well?

I live in Chicago and want to start carrying water with me on runs this summer. Any suggestions?

I’ve always used panniers for bike touring in California, Montana, and Wyoming, but I'm beginning to wonder if a trailer is a better option. What do you suggest?

What are the best waders for fly-fishing in Idaho?

What are the best places to buy and sell used outdoor gear?

What's the best way to keep gear dry when rafting or kayaking?

I need a tent that will protect me from dust storms while I'm camping in the high desert. (I admit it—I'm a long-time burner). Should I go for a single-wall tent? My mesh tent with a rain fly doesn't keep the dust out.

What's the best solar charger for traveling?

What are the best trail running shoes for handling spring mud and rain?

What's the best lightweight gear for a weekend backpacking trip?

I am looking for a convertible jacket with a 7-in-1 system. I can't find any. Do they exist?

I love the outdoors, but I'm at risk of developing melanoma (my mom passed away a few years ago from it) which limits my ability to be outside. What can I wear to reduce my risk of melanoma and remain comfortable?

I need a pair of gloves for springtime hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and maybe even some late-season ice climbing. What do you recommend?

I'm in the market for a new chair for car camping. I'm open to anything from a Crazy Creek to a folding frame, as long as it's comfortable and durable.

I'm planning a late spring or early summer canoe trip in southern Ontario and I need a new personal flotation device. The trip involves several portages per day, and the trip will take a week, so my new PFD needs to be light and comfortable. What should I get?

I'm putting a ski/bike rack on my new Subaru, and I'm wondering what to get: Thule, Yakima, or factory?

I spend a lot of time exercising outdoors and I need a new heart rate monitor. What should I look for?

I'm a photographer and cinematographer, and I'm looking for a backpack that can double as a photo bag for hiking, skiing, and mountain climbing. I've found that Lowepro bags are too small. What do you recommend?

What are the best running pants to wear in the dead of winter when the wind is blowing and the snow is flying?

I’ve been reading about a lot of avalanche fatalities recently. What do I need to stay reasonably safe in avalanche country?

I'm planning a snow-cave camping trip with some friends. What gear do I need to build the cave?

My reliable (but old) headlamp just quit, and I need to find a good replacement for nighttime runs. What do you suggest?

I need a new ski pack for resort and backcountry skiing. I'm looking for something that can carry skis, water, and my gear on day trips out of bounds, but won't get in the way on chairlifts.

In 2005, I bought a Mountain Equipment Co-Op Composite 2 softshell jacket. It's the best purchase I have ever made. Unfortunately, seven years later it's starting to pile. I need a replacement. What do you recommend? Blair Turner, Saskatoon, SK

I received a zero-degree down sleeping bag over the holidays and I'm eager to do some winter camping in Colorado later this month. I've been on plenty of warm-weather trips, but this will be my first winter camp. What else do I need to stay warm?

I’m looking for an all-purpose jacket that looks decent around town when it’s cold and wet, but also wouldn’t be out of place on a winter hike or snowshoe trip. Not a rain shell–something that has a little warmth. Any suggestions?

What are the best adventure gifts for a shopper on a budget?

I’ve decided to start bike commuting in order to save some money and get fit. What should I look for in a solid commuter?

When I ski or engage in other outdoor winter sports, my hands get cold–really cold. Any suggestions for a fix?

It's starting to snow, and I'm anxious to get out and do some winter hiking. What's a good combination of snowshoes and winter boots?

For hiking in 110°F, what top would you recommend? I was once told the best choice was a cotton T-shirt with a wind-resistant outer shirt. Is there any truth to that idea?

I need help finding a watch for my boyfriend. He's into white-water rafting, camping, and fly-fishing, among other sports. My budget is around $350, and I want to stay away from features he won't use like tide times or diving depths. Ideas?

Ice climbing season is coming up and I need to decide whether to buy a hardshell or a softshell. Which do you prefer for climbing?

My wife and I recently went car camping. It was her first trip. She enjoyed it a lot, but the mummy-style sleeping bag I borrowed for her wasn’t comfortable. Too restrictive. What do you suggest we try?

What are your ten favorite pieces of outdoor gear from the past ten years?

I'm worried about spraining my weak ankles when I go hiking in the Adirondacks this fall. Do hiking boots provide enough support? What's the best way to keep my ankles safe?

I'm heading into the backcountry this winter after years of in-bounds skiing, and I need a randonee set up. How much should I plan to spend? And will I notice a big difference between randonee boots and skis, and my race boots and all-mountain skis?

What full-size, affordable camera tripod should I bring camping?

I'm moving to Great Lakes region and I'm looking for a kayak that's easy to maneuver and cheap.

What's the best technical shell for skiing? I'm looking for a jacket that isn't bulky and provides versatility in more than one season.

I'm going hiking in Bolivia, and I'm thinking about using an emergency blanket instead of a sleeping bag. Thoughts? Any recommendations on a liner or material?

How much gear do you really need on a three-day backpacking trip?

I'm a surfer looking to get into surfing photography. What are the best waterproof housings for DSLRs? I shoot with a Canon 5D.

Save time and money by shopping online. Just don't get carried away.

I need a shoe for hiking several miles in the heat that has sticky rubber for wet rock and comes in size 14. I've found that approach shoes are too hot and heavy, and the rubber on trail running shoes isn't sticky enough. Worse, brands like Sportiva and Salewa don't carry anything that fits.

What are the best sunglasses that lighten and darken with changing light conditions?

What type of jacket do you recommend for winter traveling in Mongolia, where temps will drop to as low as -40? Can I get a good jacket for $200 or cheaper?

What's the best footwear for wet wading while fly fishing?

I'm hiking the Wonderland Trail, the loop around Mount Rainier, in mid-September. I've decided to bring a canister stove to save weight. For two people, which models are best for a long-distance backpacking trip?

I’m looking for a pair of wind-resistant pants to layer under a shell for skiing, wear on light hikes in late summer and fall, and wear around the house in the winter. Am I asking too much?

I'm going on a multi-country, 10-month, round-the-world trip, from Patagonia to the Himalayas. What lightweight, 10- to 15-degree sleeping bag should I bring?

Ian, a lot depends on how you plan to use the knife, what blade length best suits you, and even which knife feels good in your hand. But you’ve got plenty of options. A good example of a folding knife that’s right for travel is the Kershaw Shallot Serrated…

I'm looking for polarized prescription sunglasses, ideally with interchangeable lenses. I fly fish, paddle, sail, cycle, and ski, and I have a big melon, so smaller-fitting frames won't work. Am I asking for too much in a single pair of sunglasses?

I've been indoor climbing in my Vibram Five Fingers and I can't seem to move onto harder routes. Are my toes holding me back? Could you suggest a beginner climbing shoe for me?

I'm looking for an inexpensive rain shell. I'd prefer something waterproof and breathable, with a hood and pit zips. Thoughts?

What's the best shoe for a half marathon or marathon? Do I need lots of cushioning, or should I go minimalist?

My fiance and I have never been backpacking or camping. We'll be doing day hikes and an occasional overnight. Our budget is important, but I also want to know that our gear will last. What do we need? Any help would be greatly appreciated.