Says federal researchers not responsible for mauling

Path on private land must stay open

Measure seeks state control of federal land

Over the past five years, Google has taken its Street View maps to 43 countries, deploying cars, trikes, snowmobiles, and even a submersible to map 360-degree panoramas of the world around us. In June, the company announced a new initiative to bring the same seamless experience into the backcountry in a bid to create the world’s most amazing trail maps.

Lawsuit says caffeine caused arrhythmia

Second Colorado resort to open this season

Ski season is underway in the Rockies

Shaves 16 minutes off with 3:30 time

Snow hinders rescue effort in National Park

Baumgartner is on his way to a record-breaking jump

U.S. Postal team director named in USADA report

Yellowstone River spill could have been avoided

Includes witness testimony, financial transactions, and tests

Felix Baumgartner forced to postpone again

On July 4, 2012, runners gathered in Seward, Alaska, for a three-mile trail race up the mountain that looms 3,000 feet over Resurrection Bay. By the end of the day, two were in the hospital with serious injuries and one had vanished. What happened?

Organization expects to release it this week

Officials plan to remove 3,500 animals in the West

Reportedly in altercation with another whale

19-year-old Peter Thompson disappeared after waterfall

Washington ranger district issues violation

Conservationists try to protect shrinking population

Ranulph Fiennes hopes to beat Norwegians

Hunter forgives "adorable" Basset Hound

Claims he was rescued by a lucky shark

Sentence necessary to 'promote respect for the law'

News in wake of sewage leak and swim death

Kayaker was attempting solo descent

After the first day of drilling landmark oil well

1,000 told to prepare to leave

Ski valley's expert terrain to grow 60 percent

China calls the deal "illegal and invalid"

Ends 11-year sponsorship of skier

Livestrong wristband creator won't pull sponsorship

Texas has already declared a state of emergency

I'm experiencing knee pain as I start to up my mileage. Can I put on a brace and keep running?

Fourth attempt ends after 40 hours

Test was supposed to ring in faster travel

Belarus athlete tested positive for steroids

Hong Kong Policeman expired in the swim

Travel warnings as fire threatens national parks

Mikhail Popov was on a solo run in Death Valley

My lower back can can get stiff and sore between workouts. Will sitting on an exercise ball while at work help me to strengthen it?

Millions of gallons flowing into Hudson

But the British Prime Minister says, 'not okay'

Evacuation attempts are rare in winter

Climatologist point to long-term trend

Italian excluded from London Olympics

Took months before he discovered prosthesis

Man had been floating and drinking all day

Bradley Wiggins calls for compulsory helmets

Markets and shareholders shaken

Promo aired before tape-delay broadcast

Witnesses saw a fin before the incident

Foot injury keeps runner from Olympics

Groundbreaking study connects climate worries

Publicity stunt also offers free Thursdays

Sea Shepherd founder feared extradition

Nine track and field athletes named

Skydiver attempting to break sound barrier

Firefighters treated third-degree burns

Human attempting to liaise with goats

Beats defending champ by 40 minutes

Police confirm animal was rabid

Citi Bike had promised July launch

Hot, dry forecast threatens U.S. crops

Breed Illegal in Northern Ireland

USADA bans three as judge dismisses Lance's suit

Teams fly to U.K. for exhibition match

Tour companies cited for negligence

Riders named deny USADA suspension

Trio's guilt "proven beyond doubt"