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In an effort to prevent yet another extinction, DODOcase has teamed up with Ink-dwell, artist Jane Kim’s project to bring endangered species into the public eye, to publicize the plight of the Nevada Big Horn Sheep.

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Green Mountain Digital re-launches its award-winning bird field guide app, complete with a slew of new social media and geo-tagging features

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Comes in eight flavors, made with a proprietary grinding process that guarantees optimum flavor and consistency.

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A summer sneaker for sailors.

We already loved Icebreaker's Tech Tee lite for its odor-zapping abilities. The recent addition of artist-designed graphics is just icing on the cake.

A messenger bag for your tablet

Finally the Teva Pivot gives us a shoe that climbs well and is also great for flats

Resurrecting a classic—and it's a bargain

Kor’s slick Nava filter can process about 40 gallons, or 220 refills before requiring replacement

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As ski season wraps up, we ask 10 big guns to predict the future of the sport

Thanks to the new factory, built with Laakso’s pre-preg expertise, all of Black Diamond’s 2013-14 skis are lighter but higher performance than existing models.

Patagonia's Black Hole Snow Roller is a sleek, simple, durable ski bag

A ski binding optimized for uphill and downhill performance

Introducing an ultra-high-end, ultra-light mountaineering tent that's also great for flush thru-hikers, backpackers with fat wallets, and adventure racers with generous corporate sponsors

The Solarmonkey Adventurer and Solargorilla-eXtreme are both specifically designed for use in the outdoors

Helly’s Flow System turbocharged mechanical venting is anatomically body mapped not only for warming but also for cooling

A percentage of the purchase price of your new Scamps, a collaboration with Cascade Designs, will go toward well-building projects in Kenya

The company, founded in 1888, is bringing back, for a limited time only, the protective eyewear design that started it all

The beefy, 500 denier material and reinforcements throughout the packs are made to stand up to the tough life of a commercial outfitter guiding in the Boundary Waters Canoe area

Ready to hit the hills? If your gear needs an update—this winter or next—consider these pieces from POC.

If there's one garment people are going to be talking about this year, it's the Encapsil. So we put a second Outside gear tester on the assignment.

Seven years after the release of the original, Gregory has re-launched the Targhee system with upgrades that include a new suspension built specifically for this pack

This new line is made specifically so you don't have to fumble around in your pack while out on a run

A mobile home for modern adventurers, Bowlus’ Road Chief is your secret weapon for stylish, comfortable staycations and short- or long-term adventures you can drive to

Seen frequently on the freestyle circuit in the '70s, The Ski is getting an update, with 3Dimension Sidecut technology and a full-length wood core

A company never satisfied with the status quo has designed two new jackets that are as cozy and comfortable as some of your favorite pieces